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Four-Port Coupler

A four-port coupler combines and splits four RF signals. The coupler applies to the 3+0/4+0 site scenario, and a single-polarized antenna can transmit a maximum of four RF signals, saving installation space.

Functions and Features

A single-polarized antenna can simultaneously transmit four RF signals using a four-port coupler, saving device deployment costs.

A four-port coupler provides the following functions:

  • In the transmit direction, the four-port coupler combines four RF signals into one RF signal and sends the signal to the antenna.
  • In the receive direction, the four-port coupler divides the RF signal received from the antenna into four RF signals and sends them to four RF processing devices.

Compared with the two-port coupler, the four-port coupler consists of three balanced couplers. Figure 1 shows the working principle of the four-port coupler.Figure 1 Working principle of the four-port coupler 

The four-port coupler is connected to an antenna through separate mounting.Figure 2 Diagram for installing a four-port coupler 


The ports of a four-port coupler include an antenna port, two main tributary ports, and two standby tributary ports.

Figure 1 shows the ports of a four-port coupler.Figure 1 Interfaces of a four-port coupler 

In actual applications, matched loads must be installed on idle ports.

Table 1 describes the ports of a four-port coupler.

No. Port Mark Function Type
1 Antenna port - Connects to a flexible waveguide. 153IEC-R140, which can be connected to PBR140 (at 15 GHz frequency band)153IEC-R220, which can be connected to PBR220 (at 18/23/26 GHz frequency band)153IEC-R320, which can be connected to PBR320 (at 28/32/38 GHz frequency band)
2 Standby tributary port 1/2 STANDBY1-2 Connects to theRTN 320 or theRTN XMC ODU on the standby tributary.
3 Main tributary port 1/2 MAIN1-2 Connects to the RTN 320 or the RTN XMC ODU on the main tributary.


Hybrid coupler labels are attached to both hybrid couplers and the packing boxes. The label is used to provide the basic information of the hybrid coupler.

Figure 1 shows the label of a hybrid coupler.Figure 1 Diagram of a hybrid coupler label 

Table 1 describes the parameters in the label.

Label Information Example Parameter Parameter Description
Name - Indicates that the component is a hybrid coupler.
Model(MODEL) 1: Indicates the component type. C: Indicates a hybrid coupler.
2: Indicates the frequency band. The operating frequency band (GHz) of a four-port coupler is:15/18/23/26/28/32/38 GHz
3: Indicates the branch feature. B: Indicates the balanced hybrid coupler.Currently, the four-port coupler only supports balanced couplers.
4: Indicates the type of an antenna interface. R: Indicates the rectangular waveguide.Currently, the four-port coupler only supports rectangular waveguides.
5: Indicates the type of a waveguide cavity for an ODU interface. R: Indicates the rectangular waveguide.Currently, the four-port coupler only supports rectangular waveguides.
6: Indicates the interface code. C: Indicates HUAWEI V2 interface (XMC interface).
7: Indicates the type of the hybrid coupler. Q: Indicates the four-port coupler.
Code of the hybrid coupler(ITEM) 52440560 - Identifies the code of the hybrid coupler.
Description of the hybrid coupler(DEP) 14.5–15.5 GHz, balance, quarter 14.5–15.5 GHz: Operating frequency range Indicates the operating frequency range (GHz) of the hybrid coupler.
balance: Indicates the branch feature. Balanced
quarter: Indicates the number of interfaces. Four-port coupler
Serial number of the hybrid coupler(S/N) S/N: 21 52440560 1063000101 - Identifies each hybrid coupler uniquely.
Bar code area - Indicates the bar code of the serial number of the hybrid coupler.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of the four-port coupler include electrical specifications and mechanical specifications.Table 1 shows the technical specifications of the the four-port coupler.

Type Frequency Band Maximum Attenuation of the Main Tributary (dB) Maximum Attenuation of the Standby Tributary (dB) Minimum Isolation (dB) Maximum Standing Wave Ratio Description of Antenna Interface
Balanced Coupler 15 GHz 7.6 7.6 20 1.3 Connects to PBR140.
18 GHz 7.6 7.6 20 1.3 Connects to PBR 220.
23 GHz 7.6 7.6 20 1.3 Connects to PBR 220.
26 GHz 8.2 8.2 20 1.4 Connects to PBR 220.
28 GHz 8.2 8.2 20 1.4 Connects to PBR 320.
32 GHz 8.2 8.2 20 1.4 Connects to PBR 320.
38 GHz 8.2 8.2 20 1.4 Connects to PBR 320.

Item Specification
Packing Dimensions (mm) < 650 x 170 x 260 (length x depth x height)
Weight (kg) ≤ 10

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