Huawei BSC6900 DPUa Boards Best Price

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The BSC6900 platform is an important Network Element (NE) of Huawei Single RAN solution. It adopts the industry-leading multiple Radio Access Technologies (RATs), IP transmission mode, and modular design. In addition, it is integrated with the functions of the Radio Network Controller (RNC) and Base Station Controller (BSC), thus efficiently maintaining the trend of multi-RAT convergence in the mobile network. The BSC6900 operates as an integrated NE to access the GSM&UMTS network and integrates the functions of the GSM BSC and the UMTS RNC.

The BSC6900 software, running in the BSC6900 platform, is compatible with GSM and UMTS technologies. Nonetheless, one unique configuration and operation mode of the TOE, the BSC6900 software, is used. This mode belongs to the one obtained from the installation process. So, the configuration of the TOE according to the security features provided is always the same, independently of the technology used in operation (GSM or UMTS).  

Functions of the DPUa Board

The DPUa board processes GSM voice services.

The DPUa board has 22 logical subsystems.

The DPUa board performs the following functions:

  • Encodes and decodes voice services
  • Provides data service rate adaptation
  • Provides the Tandem Free Operation (TFO) function

    When the calling MS and the called MS use the same voice coding scheme, the voice signals are encoded only once at the calling MS side and decoded only once at the called MS side. This avoids repeated encoding and decoding and improves the quality of voice services.

  • Provides the voice enhancement function
  • Detects voice faults automatically