Huawei AC6508 Access Controller

Huawei AC6508 is access controllers (AC) applicable to MANs and enterprise networks for wireless access. AC6508 has a large capacity and high performance. It is highly reliable, easy to install and maintain, and features such advantages as flexible networking and energy conservation.

The AC resides at the aggregation layer to provide the high-speed, secure, and reliable WLAN service. ‎Figure 1 shows the position of the AC in the overall network solution.

Dual-AC Networking:

To ensure uninterrupted service forwarding, enterprises that require high reliability use active and standby ACs for networking.

Dual-AC backup can be implemented in two modes:
HSB + dual-link backup: as shown in Figure 1, an AP establishes CAPWAP tunnels with both the active and standby ACs. The two ACs synchronize service information (such as NAC and WLAN service information) through the hot standby (HSB) function. When an AP is disconnected from the active AC, the AP notifies the standby AC of a switchover. This mode frees active and standby ACs from location restrictions and allows both ACs to be flexibly deployed. In this mode, the two ACs can implement load balancing to make efficient use of resources. However, service switching takes a relatively long time.

Appearance of the AC6508 (rear view)

No. Description
1 DC input port.
2 Ten 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet electrical ports.
3 Two 10GE SFP+ Ethernet optical ports.
4 USB port.
5 Reset button.Press the reset button for no more than 3 seconds to reset the AC manually. Resetting the AC will cause service interruption. Exercise caution when using this button.Press and hold down the reset button for more than 5 seconds to restore the AC configuration.
6 Console port.
7 Ground point.

Indicators on the AC6508 front panel :

Description of service interface indicators in different modes:

Display Mode Color Description
GE electrical service port indicator Green Off: The port is not connected or has been shut down.Steady on: The port is connected.
Yellow Blinking: The port is sending or receiving data.
10GE optical service port indicator Green Off: The port is not connected or has been shut down.Steady on: The port is connected.Blinking: The port is sending or receiving data.

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