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Appearance and Structure

The EA5800-X17 service subrack provides 22 slots, and has a fan tray at the top. The subrack is installed in the cabinet through the mounting brackets.

ESD Jack

The ESD jack of the EA5800-X17 subrack is on the left of the fan tray, which is used to connect the ESD wrist strap to prevent device damage caused by electrostatic discharge.


Connect the ground cables properly to guarantee protection against lightening and interference for the EA5800-X17 subrack. When a Huawei cabinet is installed, the service subrack is grounded through mounting ears and therefore no separate ground cables are required. When a third-party cabinet is installed, the separate ground cable needs to be connected to the service subrack and ground point on the cabinet.

The EA5800-X17 subrack has 2 ground points. One is on the side panel and the other is at the bottom of the right mounting ear of the subrack.

The power input end of the EA5800-X17 subrack has a noise filter. The center ground of the noise filter connects to the subrack, called the subrack ground, that is, the protection ground. Ground the subrack securely so that the influence electricity, leakage electricity can flow to the ground, improving the protection against electromagnetic interference.

Use a ground cable to connect the ground point of the subrack to the ground bar of the telecommunications room or to the ground directly. It is recommended that the grounding resistance of the telecommunications room should be less than 10 ohms. Refer to the local standards to ground the subrack.

Physical Specifications

This topic provides the dimensions, weight, power supply specifications and power consumption of the EA5800-X17 service subrack.

Dimensions and Weight

Specification Value
Dimensions (H x W x D, including mounting ears) 486 mm x 535 mm x 287 mm
Dimensions (H x W x D, excluding mounting ears) 486 mm x 493 mm x 287 mm
Maximum weight at full configuration (including mounting ears) 45 kg

Power Supply

Specification Value
Power supply mode DC (dual power for backup)
Rated voltage -48 V / -60 V
Working voltage range -38.4 V to -72 V
Maximum input current 60 A

Power Consumption

Typical Configuration Static power consumption Maximum power consumption Typical power consumption Board configuration

Typical Configuration Static power consumption Maximum power consumption Typical power consumption Board configuration
GPON 569 1196 882.5 H902MPLAE*2+H901OGHK+H901PILA*2+H901FMLA+H901GPSFE*16


The power consumption of a service subrack is calculated based on the following conditions:

  • Operating voltage: -53.5 V DC.
  • Ambient temperature: 25°C.
  • Static power consumption: All ports do not carry any loads and optical modules are not installed on optical ports.
  • Maximum power consumption: All ports fully carry loads.
  • Typical power consumption: half of the total value of static power consumption and maximum power consumption.
  • In the case of Access device, power consumption is generally transformed into heat consumption. Hence, heat consumption (BTU/h) and power consumption (W) can be converted to each other in the formula: 1 BTU/h = 0.2931 W.

Slot Configuration

An EA5800-X17 service subrack provides 22 slots, including 2 slots for control boards, 2 slots for power boards, 1 slot for the universal interface board, and 17 slots for service boards.

H901BPLB is the backplane supported by the EA5800-X17 service subrack.Figure 1 Configuration of boards in the EA5800-X17 service subrack 

Table 1 lists the configuration of boards in the EA5800-X17 service subrack.

Slot Type Slot Supported Board Remarks

Slot Type Slot Supported Board Remarks
Control board slot 9,10 Control board The device is configured with both active and standby control boards of the same type in 2 slots.
Power board slot 20,21 Power board -
Universal interface board slot 0 Universal interface board -
Service board slot 1-8,11-19 Uplink interface boardService board Mixed configuration of service boards is supported.Both control board and upstream interface board can be used for upstream transmission. Using the control board for upstream transmission is recommended.

Fan Tray

The fan tray of the EA5800-X17 service subrack has eight fans and fan monitoring board FMLA, and functions heat dissipation, monitoring, and fan speed adjustment, which ensures that the device works at a stable temperature.


Item Specification
Dimensions (W x D x H) 503 mm x 284 mm x 76 mm
Weight 4.40 kg (Fan tray)
Power consumption Static: 20 WMaximum: 139 W


In the case of Access device, power consumption is generally transformed into heat consumption. Hence, heat consumption (BTU/h) and power consumption (W) can be converted to each other in the formula: 1 BTU/h = 0.2931 W.


The functions of the fan tray are as follows:

  • Heat dissipationThe fan tray is at the top of the service subrack and exhausts hot air for heat dissipation. The cool air flows to the subrack from the bottom of the subrack and then is exhausted from the top of the subrack after passing the boards.
  • MonitoringThe fan tray is configured with the fan monitoring board to detect whether the fans are working in the normal state. The fan monitoring board also provides the port for communication with the control board. The detected information is transmitted to the control board through the fan monitoring board periodically.
  • Speed adjustmentThe rotating speed of the fans can be adjusted according to the detected temperature automatically or be adjusted by setting the related data manually.


Indicator Color Status Meaning Operation Description

Indicator Color Status Meaning Operation Description
STATUS Yellow Blinking quickly (on for 0.125 s and off for 0.125 s repeatedly) The fan tray is not registered, is being loaded, or fails to communicate with the control board. If the fan tray is not registered or is being loaded, no action is required.If the fan tray fails to communicate with the control board, check the communication connection between the fan tray and the control board.
Green Blinking The fan tray works in the normal state. No action is required.
Yellow Blinking slowly (on for 1 s and off for 1 s repeatedly) The fan tray generates alarms that do not affect services. Handle it based on the corresponding alarm.
Red Blinking The fan tray is faulty or the fan tray generates an over-temperature alarm. Replace the faulty fan tray.Increase the fan speed to lower the temperature.

Fan Speed Adjustment

Set the fan speed adjustment mode to "automatic" or "manual" in the command line interface (CLI). After the fans are installed, they work in automatic mode by default.

  • Automatic mode
    • Control-system-triggering: The control system automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the board temperatures for energy conservation.
    • Monitoring-board-triggering: The control system adjusts the fan speed according to the temperature information collected by the monitoring board.

     NOTE:The automatic mode has two variants (automatically selected by the system): control-system-triggering and monitoring-board-triggering.

  • Manual modeCommands are executed to adjust the fan speed. The levels range from 0 to 6, level 0 being the lowest speed and level 6 being the highest speed. Alternatively, the fan speed can be set from 20% to 100%.

Heat Dissipation

This topic describes the ventilation of the EA5800-X17 service subrack.

The EA5800-X17 service subrack has a fan tray at the top to exhaust hot air for heat dissipation.

The airflow is as follows: The cool air enters the EA5800-X17 service subrack at the bottom, and is blown towards the top side by the fans, and finally, exits at the top side of the EA5800-X17 service subrack. shows the heat dissipation of the EA5800-X17 service subrack.Figure 1 Ventilation of the EA5800-X17 service subrack

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