Huawei OSN 8800 USXH TNK2USXH Description

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Version Description

The available functional version of the USXH board is TNK2. The USXH board is only used on the enhanced OptiX OSN 8800 T64 subrack.

Mappings Between the Board and Equipment

The following provides the board(s) supported by the product. However, the availability of the board(s) is subject to PCNs. For PCN information, contact the product manager at your local Huawei office.

Board Enhanced 8800 T64Subrack General 8800 T64Subrack Enhanced 8800 T32Subrack General 8800 T32Subrack 8800 T16 Subrack 8800 Universal Platform Subrack 6800 Subrack 3800 Chassis

Update Description

This section describes the hardware updates in V100R007C00 and later versions as well as the reasons for the updates. Any product versions that are not listed in the document means that they have no hardware updates.

Hardware Updates in V100R007C00

Hardware Update Reason for the Update
Added the TNK2USXH board. The TNK2USXH board applies to the OptiX OSN 8800 T64 enhanced subrack to support up to 1.28 Tbit/s VC-4 cross-connections. The TNK2USXH board can work with the UXCT board to cross-connect a maximum of 6.4 Tbit/s ODUk (k = 0/1/2/2e/3/4/flex) signals.


As a type of cross-connect unit, the USXH board cross-connects services. The USXH board applies to enhanced OptiX OSN 8800 T64 subracks.

For the position of the USXH board in the system, see Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Independent use of the USXH board

Figure 1 Position of the USXH board in the OCS system 

Joint use of the USXH board and the UXCT board

Figure 2 Position of the USXH board in the WDM system 

 NOTE:For a subrack with USXH boards but without UXCT boards, the UXCT boards must be installed if ODUk transmission is required. When adding the UXCT boards, install the physical UXCT boards before creating their logical boards; otherwise, the existing SDH services on the subrack will be interrupted.

Functions and Features

The USXH board is mainly used to cross-connect services at the electrical layer.

For detailed functions and features, refer to Table 1.

Function and Feature Description
Basic function Grooms services.
Cross-connect function Supports a maximum of 1.28 Tbit/s VC-4 cross-connect grooming.Supports a maximum of 6.4 Tbit/s ODUk (k = 0, 1, 2, 2e, 3, 4 or flex) cross-connect grooming when the USXH board is jointly used with the UXCT board.Supports hybrid transmission of the above-mentioned services with the maximum cross-connect capacity of 6.4 Tbit/s.
Protection scheme Supports cross-connection 1+1 protection.provides 1+1 hot backup.provides 1+1 warm backup.
Switching mode Supports manual switching and auto switching.Supports non-revertive switching.
Electrical-layer ASON Supported

Working Principle and Signal Flow

The USXH board consists of the cross-connect module, control and communication module, and power supply module.Figure 1 shows the functional modules and signal flow of the USXH board.Figure 1 Functional modules and signal flow of the USXH board 

Module Function

  • Cross-connect moduleThe cross-connect module receives data of each service board through the backplane, performs electrical grooming of the VC-4/ODUk (k=0, 1, 2, 2e, 3, 4, or flex) service, and then sends the service to each service board. In this manner, the cross-connect module implements service cross-connection.
  • Control and communication module
    • Controls operations on the board.
    • Controls operations on each module of the board according to CPU instructions.
    • Collects information about alarms, performance events, working states and voltage detection from each functional module on the board.
    • Communicates with the system control and communication board.
  • Power supply moduleConverts the DC power supplied by the backplane into the power required by each module on the board.

Front Panel

There are indicators on the front panel of the USXH board.

Appearance of the Front Panel

Figure 1 shows the front panel of the USXH board.Figure 1 Front panel of the USXH board 


: Indicates that the board surface temperature is high and it may cause bodily injuries.


Four indicators are present on the front panel:

  • Board hardware status indicator (STAT) - triple-colored (red, green, yellow)
  • Service active status indicator (ACT) - green
  • Board software status indicator (PROG) - dual-colored (red, green)
  • Service alarm indicator (SRV) - triple-colored (red, green, yellow)

For details about these indicators, see Board Indicators.


The USXH board does not provide external interfaces.

Valid Slots

One slot houses one USXH board.Table 1 shows the valid slots for the USXH board.

Product Valid Slots
Enhanced OptiX OSN 8800 T64 subrack IU10, IU44

USXH Specifications

Specifications include dimensions, weight, and power consumption.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Dimensions of front panel: 34.1 mm (W) x 220 mm (D) x 602.5 mm (H) or 1.4 in. (W) x 8.7 in. (D) x 23.7 in. (H)
  • Weight: 3.7 kg (8.1 lb.)

Power Consumption

Board Power Consumption at Warm Backup (Room Temperature) (W) Power Consumption at Warm Backup (High Temperature)a (W) Typical Power Consumption at Room Temperature (W) Maximum Power Consumptiona (W)
TNK2USXH+TNK2UXCT 169 186 630-7.4 x (64-n) 693-8.1 x (64-n)
a: The maximum power consumption is the power consumed by the board when it works normally under the highest ambient temperature.NOTE:When the OptiX OSN 8800 T64 subrack grooms electrical-layer signals through the backplane, the USXH and UXCT must be configured."n" is equal to the total number of tributary, line, and PID boards housed in a subrack.

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