Naming Conventions for Line Cards of the CE12800 Series Switches

Huawei Data Center Switch includes CloudEngine CE12800, CE12800E, CE1800VCE5800CE6800CE7800CE8800 Series. In this article, HongTelecom will introduce the Naming Conventions for Line Cards of the CE12800 Series Switches.

Naming Conventions

Figure 1 shows naming conventions for line cards of the CE12800 series switches.

Figure 1 Naming conventions for line cards of the CE12800 series switches 

Figure 1 describes naming conventions for line cards of the CE12800 series switches.

Table 1 Naming conventions for line cards of the CE12800 series switches
Identifier Meaning Description
A Brand It is fixed as CE, representing CloudEngine.
B Line card type
  • L: Line Processing Unit for CE12800 series switches
  • F: Flexible Service Unit for CE12800 series switches
C Number of interfaces on the card For a line card with different types of interfaces, this field stands for the number of downlink interfaces. It has two digits. The first digit is 0 if the card has less than 10 interfaces.
D Interface rate
  • G: GE interface
  • X: 10GE interface
  • Y: 25GE interface
  • L: 40GE interface
  • C: 100GE interface
E Interface type
  • T: Base-T interface
  • S: SFP/SFP+ interface
  • X: XFP interface
  • Q: QSFP+/QSFP28 interface
  • F: CFP/CFP2/CFP4 interface
  • C: CXP interface
F Line card specifications
  • BA/EA/EC/EC1/MC/MC1: basic specifications
  • ED/EF/EG/FD/FD1/FG/FG1/SD/MD: enhanced specifications

Card Structure and Dimensions

Card Structure

Figure 1 shows components on a card.

Figure 1 Components on a card 
1. Card name label 2. Indicator 3. Captive installation screw


Fix the card into the chassis.

4. Ejector lever


Allow you to insert and remove the card.

5. Front panel plate


Connects the ejector levers and the PCB. There are card name label, indicators, and ports on the plate, as well as some other labels, such as the bar code and laser label.

6. Ports
7. Printed circuit board (PCB)


  • The PCB contains all the functional chips of the card and is the core of the card. The PCB provides indicators, buttons, and ports on the front panel.
  • Different cards provide different indicators, buttons, and ports. For details, see the description of specific cards.
- -

Card Dimensions

Figure 2 shows how the width, depth, and height of a card is measured.

Figure 2 Card dimensions 

The card dimensions are defined as follows:

  • Width: the longest distance between the tops of two ejector levers
  • Depth: the distance between the front panel and the card connector
  • Height: the height of the front panel

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