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FAN-040A Series Fan Modules for Huawei CloudEngine (CE) 8800,7800, 6800, and 5800 Series switches

Huawei Data Center Switch includes CloudEngine CE12800, CE12800E, CE1800V, CE5800CE6800CE7800CE8800 Series. In this article, HongTelecom will introduce the FAN-040A Series Fan Modules for CE5800CE6800, CE7800, CE8800 series switches.

FAN-040A Series Fan Modules

Version Mapping

The FAN-040A series fan modules are classified into two types depending on the airflow designs: FAN-040A-B (B: back-to-front airflow, air exhaust on fan module panel) and FAN-040A-F (F: front-to-back airflow, air intake on fan module panel).

Table 1 describes the mapping between switch models and FAN-040A fan modules.

Table 1 Version mapping
Switch Model FAN-040A-B FAN-040A-F


Supported in V100R005C10 version and later versions Supported in V100R005C10 version and later versions
Other models Not supported Not supported


Figure 1 shows the appearance of a FAN-040A-B fan module, and Figure 2 shows the appearance of a FAN-040A-F fan module.

A FAN-040A fan module consists of two fans.

Figure 1 FAN-040A-B fan module 

Figure 1 FAN-040A-B fan module

Figure 2 FAN-040A-F fan module 

Figure 2 FAN-040A-F fan module


A FAN-040A fan module consists of a fan tray, two fans, and a fan control unit. FAN-040A-B and FAN-040A-F fan modules use different airflow designs but have the same functions. Table 2 describes the functions of them.

Table 2 Functions of a FAN-040A fan module
Function Description
Automatic fan speed adjustment After the fan module communicates normally with the switch, the switch controls the speed of fans based on temperature of the chassis.
Hot swap Supported
Heat dissipation
  • FAN-040A-B: back-to-front airflow
  • FAN-040A-F: front-to-back airflow


Figure 3 and Figure 4 show the panels of the FAN-040A series fan modules.

Figure 3 FAN-040A-B panel 

Figure 3 FAN-040A-B panel

Figure 4 FAN-040A-F panel 

Figure 4 FAN-040A-F panel

1. Captive screw

2. Airflow flag

  • : back-to-front airflow
  • : front-to-back airflow
3. Indicator
4. Handle 5. Fan air vent -

Table 3 describes the indicator on the FAN-040A fan modules.

Table 3 Indicator description
Indicator Color Description
STATUS: fan indicator - Off: The fan module is not running.
  • Slow blinking: The fan module is working properly and communicating normally with the system.
  • Fast blinking: The fan module is working properly but has not established communication with the system.
  • Steady on: The fan module has a hardware fault and must be replaced.
  • Blinking: An alarm has been generated, and you need to handle it accordingly. Common causes of this alarm include errors of dual in-line package (DIP) switches, short circuits, fan blades blocked, and fault of the fan module.


Table 4 lists technical specifications of the FAN-040A series fan modules.

Table 4 Technical specifications
Item FAN-040A-B FAN-040A-F
Dimensions (W x D x H) 94.5 mm x 183.1 mm x 39.8 mm (3.72 in. x 7.21 in. x 1.57 in.)
Number of fans 2
Weight 0.259 kg (0.57 lb)
Maximum power consumption 12 W
Maximum fan speed 16000±10% revolutions per minute (RPM)
Maximum wind rate 40 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
Part Number 02350JFA 02350JEY

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