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RAID card and PCIE card for Tecal RH2288H V2 rack server

Huawei Tecal RH2288H V2 is Huawei’s next-generation 2U dual-rack server supporting two Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 / E5-2600V2 series processors. With the efficient design, the maximum configuration is 768GB of memory and high-capacity local storage. Optimal computing performance and scalability are ideal for mission-critical applications and cloud computing.
Support for industry-leading RAID technology, support RAID0,1,10,5,50,6,60, etc., to provide 512M / 1GB Cache, to support Cache battery protection and super capacitor protection, support for RAID state migration, RAID configuration memory and other functions, Diagnosis, WEB remote settings and other functions to protect data reliability.
RH2288H V2
Hong Telecom Equipment Service LTD provide below RAID card and PCIE card option for Tecal RH2288H V2 rack server:\
S1010DXQ RAID card:
03021ENL BC1MESMCR800 : SR120 SAS / SATA RAID card, RAID0, 1, 1E, 10, 0 Cache (LSI2308)
02310QNL BC1M05ESMD : SR320BC SAS / SATA RAID card, RAID0,1,10,5,50,6,60,512MB Cache (LSI2208), support for battery and super capacitor
02310QNJ BC1M06ESMJ : SR320BC SAS / SATA RAID card, RAID0,1,10,5,50,6,60,1GB Cache (LSI2208), support for battery and super capacitor
02310SWU BC1MS5RK : SAS Expander-PCBA Board-3.3V-RAID5-Soft RAID Key-631mW-Supports Management of Six Hard Drives-0.125MB / s
02310TBJ MINISAS1 : 2 * High Speed ​​Cable – Internal Mini SAS Cable -0.86m – Straight to the elbow
02310MRW BC0M000BAT00 : RAID card battery (including cable, structure)
02310XRW BC1M2BAT : RAID card super capacitor (including cable, structural parts)
S1010DXR PCIE card :
02310VHP BC1M06RISE : RH2285H / RH2288H 2U 2 * 16X RISER card assembly
02310VHK BC1M05RISE : RH2285H / RH2288H 2U 3 * 8X RISER card assembly
06310025 NRJPCIE00 : NIC-GIGABIT-RJ45 Copper-4 port-PCIE 2.0 X4-8086-150E-4 with driver-all-half-height and half-length
06310023 N00PCIE00 : NIC-GIGABIT-10/100 / 1000M-2 ports-PCIE 2.0 X4-8086-10C9-2-with driver-all-half-height and half-length
06310042 NNLC1G400 : Card -Gigabit-LC Fiber Optic-4 Port-PCIE 1.0 X4-8086-105f-4 with Driver
06030217 ND8GOLC01 : Other Boards – PC Accessories – PCIe 1.0 X8-10DF-F100-2-8Gbps Dual Channel – Fiber Channel Multimode LC Optical Interface – Datasheet
06030216 ND8GOLC02 : Other Boards – Computer Accessories – PCI 1.0 X8-10DF-F100-1-8Gbps Single Channel, Fiber Channel Multimode LC Optical Interface – English
06030221 NS8GOLC00 : Other Board – Computer Accessories – PCIE 2.0 X4-1077-2532-1-8Gbps Single Channel, Fiber Channel Multimode LC Optical Interface – English
06030220 ND8GOLC00 : Dual-Channel, Fiber Channel Multimode LC Optical Interface – DUALPORT FC HBA Card-PCIE 2.0 X4-1077-2532-2-8Gbps
03030PWD CN21ITGAA000 : SP310 (Intel 82599 2 * 10GE SFP + half high and half long X8 PCIE standard network card)
02310MPR CN210ITGAA02 : HUAWEI card, dual-port, 10GE SFP + (without Optics / DAC), PCIE 2.0×8, half height
02310SWV BC1MFGEA : 4 * GE Interface Card, PCIE 1.0 X4
02310SWW BC1MFXEB : 2X10GE network card (matte module) -PCIE 2.0 X8
02310SWS BC3M00SFP : Optical transceiver module, SFP +, 850nm, 10Gb / s, -7.3dBm – 1dBm, -9.9dBm, LC, MM, 0.3km

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