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Huawei Optical Storage Switch OceanStor SNS2248

Huawei Fiber Storage Switch The OceanStor SNS2248 is an all-fiber switch, which is especially suitable for the edge topology of small independent SANs and large core switches. It aims to reduce the cost of enterprise SANs, improve ease of use, and increase scalability. Especially in the network expansion environment is the most economical choice.
Product Highlights
ISL link aggregation: frame-based link aggregation, combining multiple ISL links into one logical link for efficient bandwidth utilization and load balancing;
Port adaptation: With automatic adaptation to 2, 4, 8 and 16 Gbit/sec functions, it can support 8 Gbit/sec SFP and 16 Gbit/sec SFP simultaneously, enabling on-demand investment;
Dual functions: Can be used as a full-fabric SAN switch or as an access gateway with NPIV technology to enhance fabric scalability and simplify management;
Increased port scalability on demand: Can be expanded from 24 to 48 ports in 12-port increments, enabling “how much to buy” scalability from a single-switch fabric architecture to full-fabric enterprise functionality.
02350AHE SN2Z13FCSP: OceanStor SNS2248 Fabric Switch -48 port (24 port active, including 24 * 8Gb multimode SFP, front out) -Double power (DC)
02350AHF SN2Z14FCSP: OceanStor SNS2248 Fabric Switch -48 port (24 port active, including 24 * 16Gb multimode SFP, front out) – Dual power (DC)
02357655 SN2Z09FCSP: OceanStor SNS2248 Fabric Switch -48 ports (24-port active with 24 * 16Gb multimode SFP) – Dual power (AC)
02357656 SN2Z10FCSP: OceanStor SNS2248 Fabric Switch -48 port (24-port active with 24 * 8Gb multimode SFP) – Dual power (AC)
05330713 SN2Z48FCTR: Fiber Switch-License-Link Trunking-Applicable to the SNS2248
05330718 SN2Z48FCEF: Fiber Switch – Lucense – long distance transmission – for SNS2248
05330720 SN2Z48FCEP: Fiber Switch -License-Enterprise Feature Pack-For SNS2248
06230604 SN2Z4808UP: Fiber Optic Switches-BROCADE-Port Expansion -12 Port Activation (12 * 8Gb Multimode SFP) -For SNS2248
06230626 SN2F04FCLS: Fiber switch-FC single-mode optical module-8Gbps-10KM-Applicable to SNS2124 / SNS2224 / SNS2248 / SNS3096 / SNS5192 / SNS5384
06230627 SN2F05FCLS: Fiber switch-FC single-mode optical module-8Gbps-25KM-Applicable to SNS2124 / SNS2224 / SNS2248 / SNS3096 / SNS5192 / SNS5384
06230628 SN2F06FCLS: Fiber switch-FC single-mode optical module-16Gbps-10KM-Applicable to the SNS2224 / SNS2248 / SNS3096 / SNS5192 / SNS5384
06230630 SN2Z4816UP: Fiber Optic Switches-BROCADE-Port Expansion -12 Port Activation (12 * 16Gb Multimode SFP) -For SNS2248
14130858 SN2F01FCPC: Optical Jumper-DLC / PC-DLC / PC-Multimode-3m-A1a.2-2mm-OM3 Bending Insensitive
14130860 SN2F02FCPC: Optical Jumper-DLC / PC-DLC / PC-Multimode-10m-A1a.2-2mm-OM3 Bending Insensitive
14130862 SN2F03FCPC: Optical Jumper-DLC / PC-DLC / PC-Multimode-20m-A1a.2-2mm-OM3 Bending Insensitive
14130864 SN2F04FCPC: Optical Patch Cord-DLC / PC-DLC / PC-Multimode -40m-A1a.2-2mm-OM3 Bend Insensitive
14130866 SN2F05FCPC: Optical Jumper-DLC / PC-DLC / PC-Multimode-60m-A1a.2-2mm-OM3 Bending Insensitive
14130868 SN2F06FCPC: Optical Jumper-DLC / PC-DLC / PC-Multimode-80m-A1a.2-2mm-OM3 Bend Insensitive
21241998 SN2R02FCRK1: Fiber switch shelf kit

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