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Huawei Fiber Storage Switch OceanStor SNS2124

Huawei’s SNS2124 optical switch provides high performance and high scalability to meet the storage performance requirements of various applications.
1.ISL (Inter-Switch Link) link aggregation (requires access rights) can synthesize a pair of switches up to 8 ports into a single logical ISL switch to optimize bandwidth utilization and load balancing.
2.The Dynamic Path Selection (DPS) function automatically distributes data to available efficient paths to optimize overall Fabric performance and load balancing.
3.The exhaust port of the port is equipped with an exhaust fan.
4.The SFP/SFP+ optical module supports a combination of switch ports SWL, LWL, and ELWL.
5.Supports access gateway configuration and virtualizes server ports connected to the fabric core.
6.Hard disk partitions can be completed through the port layer and WWN, respectively. Hardware partitions can allow or block the delivery of frames to the destination port address.
7.Comprehensive diagnostics and system monitoring capabilities further enhance RAS performance.
8.Supports unicast traffic.
9.Value-added features:
* QoS adaptive networking.
* Extensible Fabric.
* ISL link aggregation.
* Advanced performance monitoring.
* Optimize server applications.
The Huawei SNS2124 optical switch has the following components:
1) A switch system board uses a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) CPU (PowerPC 440EPx) with a frequency of 667 MHz to integrate integrated peripheral devices to provide high performance while reducing power consumption.
2) An RJ-45 10/100 Base T Ethernet management network port supports switch IP address discovery and configuration. You do not need to configure the switch IP address through the serial port, which greatly improves the switch availability.
3) An RS-232 serial port with RJ-45 plug for switch initialization and system restore (integrated LED light is always off).
4) A USB interface provides storage space for firmware upgrades, supportave command output, and space for upload and download tasks.
5) Rack-mount design frame mounts on a 19-inch EIA rack.
6) Power supply and fan FRU (Field Replaceable Unit).
7) Each FC port is equipped with an LED indicator that shows the status in green and yellow.
8) A green LED power indicator.
9) An LED system indicator that shows system status in green and yellow.
10) Two Ethernet LEDs, integrated in the RJ-45 plug, show the transmission rate and functional status.
11) SEEPROM for switch identification.
12) Voltage monitoring.
13) Fan monitoring (including flow direction).
14) Temperature monitoring.
15) Battery-powered RTC (Real-Time Clock).
02357674 SN2Z02FCSP: OceanStor SNS2124 Fabric Switch -24 Port (8-Port Active with 8 * 8Gb Multimode SFP with E-Port Concatenated License) – Single-Supply (AC)
05330714 SN2F01FCEP: Fiber Switch -License-Cascading E-Port- For SNS2124
05330716 SN2F01FCTR: Fiber Switch-License-Link Aggregation Trunking-Applicable to SNS2124 / SNS2224
05330717 SN2F01FCEF: Fiber Switch -License-long distance transmission-applicable to SNS2124 / SNS2224
05330719 SN2F01FCEN: Fiber Switch -License-Enterprise Feature Pack-For SNS2124 / SNS2224

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