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H3C Open Multi-Series Router MSR 26 36 56 Routers

As cloud computing applications are being widely adopted, the Wide Area Network (WAN) undergoes major changes to cope with these changes. Users are demanding more than they have traditionally expected from their routers. Faced with new challenges and opportunities, H3C has developed the MSR26/36/56 multi-service router based on its decade-long in-depth understanding of enterprise and carrier networks, as well as more than a decade’s insight and technical accumulation. MSR 26/36 can serve as access router for governments and financial institutions or core router for small size enterprise. The MSR56 can serve as a core router for small-medium sized enterprises, a gateway router for government branches or enterprises, or a service gateway for enterprise network VPNs, NAT or IPSec services. Along with other H3C network equipment, it provides a comprehensive network solution to users in multiple industries from government to financial institutions, hotels, enterprises and educational institutions.

H3C MSR 26 36 56 Routers include these models, MSR 2600-10,MSR 2600-17,MSR 26-30,MSR 36-10,MSR 36-20,MSR 36-40,MSR 36-60,MSR 56-60,MSR 56-80.

MSR 36-20


Advanced technology support

·   Uses H3C’s leading Comware network operating system to provide intelligent service scheduling management mechanism, support the loose coupling of different service modules, as well as the dynamic loading of processes and patches.

·   Outstanding high-performance, multi-core CPU processor, greatly enhances concurrent multi-service processing capabilities.

·   Supports OAA (Open Application Architecture) and open cloud service platform applications such as CVK, VMWARE, wide area network (WAN) optimization, Lync collaboration and client third party services.

·   Dual control boards system framework, to deliver millisecond switchover and process level backup.

·   Integrates routing and switching fabric technology that provides routing and switching plane isolation, and realizes 10GE wire speed performance.

·   Multi-service co-processing engines, including data encryption engine, voice DSP processing engine and more.

·   Innovative intelligent link engine CUBE technology, not only SIC card bus bandwidth is enhanced, but also interface resources can be assigned automatically

Powerful security

Business security

·   Packet filtering function supports stateful firewall packet filtering, MAC address filtering, IP and port number filtering and time based filtering.

·   Supports real-time traffic analysis.

Network security

·   Supports rich and comprehensive VPN technologies, including IPSec, L2TP, GRE, MPLS VPN and mix usage of different VPN technologies.

·   Supports router protocol security protection, OSPF/RIP/IS-IS/BGP dynamic routing protocol authentication, OSPFv3/RIPng/IS-ISv6/BGP IPSec encryption and rich routing policy control functions.

End device access security

·   Unified endpoint access binding authentication, including EAD secure check authentication, 802.1x authentication, endpoint MAC address authentication, web-based portal authentication, endpoint access static binding and MAC address auto-learn binding.

·   ARP attack protection, supports fixed source MAC address, ARP attack protection,  ARP source suppression, ARP Detection, source MAC consistency check and protection, ARP source suppression and ARP active acknowledgement mechanism.

Equipment management security

·   Supports role-based access control that allocates resources based on roles, and provides users and roles mapping.

·   Supports control plane traffic restriction, traffic control and filtering based on protocol type, different queues, known protocol packets and specific protocol packets.

·   Remote security management, supports SNMPv3, SSH, HTTPS remote management and more.

·   Management behavior control and audit, supporting AAA server central authentication, command line authority and operations records.

Granular control

·   Implementation of application layer speed capping, bandwidth assurance, filtering through granular identification and control, and network optimization through detailed network data statistics

·   Intelligent business routing through asymmetric links, traffic load balancing and multi-topology dynamic routing.  Comprehensive load balancing schemes based on bandwidth, user, group, business and application

·   Control board and switching fabric hardware are mutually independent to provide physical isolation of the control plane and forwarding plane, 1+1 redundancy of the control engine and N+1 redundancy of the switching fabric; thereby increasing the systems failure isolation capacity and reliability to the maximum extent.

·   Flexible network bandwidth sharing based on business, user, group, link, and user bandwidth capping

Intelligent network management

·   Comprehensive network management methods, supports command line and SNMP.

·   Supports zero configuration deployment to provide zero configuration to batch devices, wireless SMS to enable zero configuration and automatic fallback in the event of configuration errors.

·   Comware embedded EAA function monitors the internal events and status of the system’s software and hardware components. If a fault occurs, it collects diagnostic information and attempts to make automatic repairs as well as sending the diagnostic information to a specific Email address.

·   Supports USB flash drive system auto reboot, USB flash drive configuration automatic loading and USB Console port.

High reliability

·   Supports control boards redundancy and milliseconds level failover.

·   Supports power redundancy, how swappable interface module and dual CF card backup.

·   Independent hardware processing modular for monitoring system, programmable components support online upgrades and auto loading to strengthen product reliability.

·   Millisecond Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) identifies faults in a link, aggregates static routing, RIP/OSPF/BGP/ISIS dynamic routing, VRRP and port backup activities.

·   Network Application Quality Intelligent Assurance (NQA) technology aggregates static routing, VRRP and port backup activities

·   Multiple devices redundant backup and load balancing (VRRP/VRRPE)

·   Fast multiple routes, GR/NSR reliability.

Green design

·   Fully compliant with RoHS standards.

·   Advanced vent isolation design for the system and power supply respectively, and unique dual L-shaped vents to maximize space efficiency.

·   Redundant fan modules design and multiple fan speed adjustment design allow the system to determine the appropriate fan speed according to the product’s internal temperature. This greatly reduces fan noise and power consumption.

·   Smart energy-saving management and HMIM module/control board/forwarding module flexible power-saving policies to reduce equipment power consumption to the maximum extent.


Item MSR26-30 MSR36-10 MSR36-20 MSR36-40 MSR36-60
IPv4 Forwarding performance 1.5Mpps 5Mpps 5Mpps 6Mpps 9Mpps
IPv6 Forwarding performance 1Mpps 4Mpps 4Mpps 5Mpps 7.5Mpps
Forwarding performance in service (IMIX) 800Mbps 1.5Gbps 1.5Gbps 2Gbps 3Gbps
USB2.0 1, 3G Modemcompatible 2, 3G Modemcompatible 2, 3G Modemcompatible 2, 3G Modemcompatible 2, 3G Modemcompatible
CON(Mini-USB Type AB) 1 1 1 1 1
CON/ AUX 1 1 1 1 1
Fixed GE port 2 3(1Combo) 3(1Combo) 3(2Combo) 3(2Combo)
SIC slot 3 2 4 4 4
DSIC slot 1 2 2 2
HMIM slot 1 2 4 6
DHMIM slot 1
VPM 1 2 2
Maximum power usage 54W 100W 125W 300W 300W
Redundant power supply RPS800 RPS800 Internal configuration (AC/DC/PoE) Internal configuration (AC/DC/PoE)
Power supply AC: AC: AC: AC/PoE: AC/PoE:
100V a.c.~240V a.c.;50Hz/60Hz 100V a.c.~240V a.c.;50Hz/60Hz 100V a.c.~240V a.c.;50Hz/60Hz 100V a.c.~240V a.c.;50Hz/60Hz 100V a.c.~240V a.c.;50Hz/60Hz
DC:-48~-60V DC:-48~-60V DC:-48~-60V DC:-48~-60V
Rack height  (U Height) 1 rack height (1RU) 1 rack height (1RU) 1 rack height (1RU) 2 rack height (2RU) 3 rack height (3RU)
Dimensions   (W×D×H) 360×300×44.2mm 440×480×44.2mm 440×480×44.2mm 440×480×88.1mm 440×480×130.5mm
Operating temperature 0~45℃
Operatinghumidity 5~95% (non-condensing)
EMC FCC Part 15  (CFR 47)  CLASS A
EN 55022 CLASS A
EN 55024
EN 61000-3-2
EN 61000-3-3
EN 61000-6-1
ETSI EN 300 386
EN 301 489-1
EN 301 489-17
Security UL 60950-1
CAN/CSA C22.2 No 60950-1
IEC 60950-1
EN 60950-1/A11
AS/NZS 60950
EN 60825-1
EN 60825-2
FDA 21 CFR Subchapter J
GB 4943

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