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Interface Card of Huawei CE12800 Series Switches

Networking and applications

Data Center Applications

On a typical data center network, CE12800/CE8800/CE7800 switches work as core switches, whereas CE8800/CE6800/CE5800 switches work as ToR switches and connect to the core switches using 100 GE/40 GE/10 GE ports. These switches use TRILL or VXLAN protocol to establish a non-blocking large Layer 2 network, which allows large-scale VM migrations and flexible service deployments.
Note: TRILL and VXLAN can be also used on campus networks to support flexible service deployments in different service areas.
Data center applications

Campus Network Applications

On a typical campus network, multiple CE12800/CE8800/CE7800 switches are virtualized into a logical core switch using CSS or iStack technology. Multiple CE8800/CE7800/CE6800 switches at the aggregation layer form a logical switch using iStack technology. CSS and iStack improve network reliability and simplify network management. At the access layer, CE6800/CE5800 switches are virtualized with SVF to provide high-density line-rate ports.
Note: CSS, iStack, SVF, and M-LAG are also widely used in data centers to facilitate network management.
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Product specifications


Ordering information

Mainframe Basic Configuration

Main Processing Unit

CE-MPU-S CE12800S Main Processing Unit
CE-MPU Main Processing Unit

Switch Fabric Unit4

CE-SFU-S CE12800S Switch Fabric
CE-SFU04 CE12804 Switch Fabric
CE-SFU08 CE12808 Switch Fabric
CE-SFU12 CE12812 Switch Fabric
CE-SFU16 CE12816 Switch Fabric
CE12816E Switch Fabric

GE Base-T Interface Card

CE-L48GT 48-Port 10/100/1,000 Base-T Interface Card (RJ45)

GE Base-X Interface Card

CE-L48GS 48-Port 100/1,000 Base-X Interface Card (SFP)

10G Base-T Interface Card

CE-L48XT 48-port 100M/1,000M/10G Base-T Interface Card (RJ45)

10G Base-X Interface Card

CE-L24XS 24-Port 10G Base-X Interface Card (SFP/SFP+)
CE-L48XS 48-Port 10G Base-X Interface Card (SFP/SFP+)

40 GE Interface Card

CE-L06LQ 6-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)
CE-L12LQ 12-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)
CE-L24LQ 24-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)
CE-L36LQ 36-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)

100 GE Interface Card

CE-L04CF 4-Port 100G Interface Card (CFP)
CE-L12CF 12-Port 100G Interface Card (CFP2)
CE-L12CQ 12-Port 100G Interface Card (QSFP28)
CE-L36CQ 36-Port 100G Interface Card (QSFP28)


PHD-3000WA 3,000W HVDC Power Module
PAC-2700WA 2,700W AC Power Supply
PDC-2200WA 2,200W DC Power Supply


CE128-LIC-B CloudEngine 12800 Basic SW
CE128-LIC-TRILL TRILL Function License
CE128-LIC-MPLS MPLS Function License
CE128-LIC-VS Virtual System Function License
CE128-LIC-IPV6 IPv6 Function License
CE128-LIC-EVN EVN Function License
CE128-LIC-FCFAL CloudEngine 12800 FCF All Ports
CE128-LIC-FCF48 CloudEngine 12800 FCF 48 Ports


CE128-DOC CloudEngine 12800 Series Switches Product Documentation

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