Server E9000 Compute Node CH140 Hardware Structure

The CH140 compute node (CH140 for short) is installed in a half-width slot and contains two 2-socket child compute nodes. Each child comput node uses Intel® new-generation Romley-EP CPUs to provide high computing density and powerful computing capabilities.
The CH140 is installed in a E9000 chassis and is managed by the management module MM910 in a centralized manner.
The chassis can house a maximum of 32 CH140 child compute nodes, which deliver twice as high computing density as common half-width 2-socket compute nodes. Featuring high computing density, the CH140s apply to virtualization, cloud computing, databases, high-performance computing (HPC), and cluster deployment to meet high-end enterprise service requirements.
Figure 1 Components of the CH140

1 Child compute node A 2 Child compute node B
3 Mezz 1 4 Mezz 2
5 Signal transfer board 6 Expansion baseboard

Figure 2 Components of a child compute node

1 Hard disk 2 Hard disk tray
3 (Optional) Trusted Platform
Module (TPM)
4 (Optional) MicroSD card
5 Dual inline-memory
module (DIMM)
6 Heat sink
7 CPU 8 Main board

Figure 3 shows the positions of connectors and other components on a child compute node mainboard.

1 CPU 1 2 Slot DIMM100 (2A1)
3 Slot DIMM100 (2B1) 4 Slot DIMM130 (2D1)
5 Slot DIMM120 (2C1) 6 MicroSD card 1 (top)
MicroSD card 2 (bottom)
7 Hard disk tray 8 BIOS battery
9 Hard disk indicator 10 Health indicator
11 UID button/indicator 12 Power button/indicator
13 TPM card connector 14 Platform control hub (PCH)
15 CPU 2 16 Slot DIMM000 (1A1)
17 Slot DIMM010 (1B1) 18 Slot DIMM030 (1D1)
19 Slot DIMM020 (1C1) 20 Power connector
21 Positioning pin 22 Midplane signal connector

E9000 _空框
HUAWEI E9000 Blade Server Compute nodes configurations as below :
03054855 IT1DSRCA06 Romley EP computes the node-CH121
03055640 IT11SRCC02 The Romley EP computes the node-CH140
03054861 IT1DGRUA03 4 * X8 PCIe Resource Extension The Romley EP compute node, -CH220
03054862 IT1DGRUA04 2 * X16 PCIe Resource Extension The Romley EP compute node, -CH221
03054852 IT1DSESA02 15 * 2.5 “HDD storage expansion Romley EP compute node -CH222
03030QMF IT1DSRCD03 Romley, 4P, 48DIMM Compute the node -CH240
03054986 IT11SBCA03 Boxboro EX RAID 0/1 compute node -CH242
03055236 IT11SBCA05 Boxboro EX RAID 0/1/10/5/50/6/60 1GB Cache Compute node -CH242
03030SAB IT11SBCB01 Brickland EX compute node CH242 V3 8HDD
03030SAD IT11SBCB02 Brickland EX compute node CH242 V3 4HDD
Network card of E9000
03021SMF IT1DMGEA0100 MZ110-4 * GE port buckle card, PCIE 2.0 X4
03022DAX IT11MGEB MZ111, 2 * (2 * GE) port card, PCIE 2.0 X2
03021SMG IT1DMXEC0100 MZ510-2 * 10G port CNA daughter board, PCIE 2.0 X8
03022ATY IT11MXEF MZ512-4 * 10G port CNA daughter board, PCIE 2.0 X8
03022BWD IT11MXEG MZ311, 4 * 10G pinch, PCIE 3.0 X8
03022BYY IT11MXIA MZ610-2 * 40G port HCA buckle card, PCIE 3.0 X8
03021VNH IT11MFIA MZ611-2 * 56G port HCA card, PCIE 3.0 X8
03022DHB IT11MFIB MZ612, 2 * 56G IB FDR daughter board, PCIE 3.0 X8
03022KFT IT11MXIB MZ613, 2 * 40G QDR daughter board, PCIE 3.0 X8
03021SHM IT1DMXEA0000 MZ910-2 * 10GE, 2 * 8G FC port button card, PCIE 3.0 X8
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