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OceanStor 6800 V3 6U Indicator Introduction

Indicators on the Front Panel
1 Indicators on the front panel of a controller enclosure

1 Running/Alarm indicator on
2 Fan module running/alarm indicator
3 Controller power indicator 4 Alarm indicator on the controller
5 Power indicator/Power button
on the controller enclosure
6 Location indicator on the controller
7 Controller alarm indicator

Indicators on the front panel of a controller enclosure

Module No. Indicator Status and Description
BBU 1 Running/Alarm
indicator on a BBU
Steady green: The BBU is fully charged.
Blinking green (1 Hz): The BBU is
being charged.
Blinking green (4 Hz): The BBU is
being discharged.
Steady red: The BBU is faulty.
Controller 2 Fan module running/
alarm indicator
Steady green: Fan modules are
working correctly.
Steady red: The fan module is faulty.
Off: Fan modules are powered off.
3 Controller power
Steady green: The controller is powered on.
Blinking green (0.5 Hz): The controller is
powered on and in the BIOS boot process.
Blinking green (2 Hz): The controller is
in the operating system boot process.
Off: The controller cannot be detected or
is powered off.
4 Alarm indicator on the
controller enclosure
Steady red: An alarm about the controller
enclosure is generated.
Off: The controller enclosure is working
5 Power indicator/
Power button on the
controller enclosure
Steady green: The controller enclosure
is powered on.
Blinking green (0.5 Hz): The controller
enclosure is powered on for a short time.
Blinking green (1 Hz): The controller
enclosure is in the burn-in test.
Blinking green (2 Hz): The controller
enclosure is in the operating system boot
process, or is being powered off.
Off: The controller enclosure is powered
off or powered by BBUs.
6 Location indicator
on the controller
Blinking blue: The controller enclosure
is being located.
Off: The controller enclosure is not located.
Controller 7 Controller alarm
Steady red: An alarm about the controller
is generated.
Off: The controller is working correctly.

Indicators on the Rear Panel
Indicators on the rear panel of a controller enclosure

1 Running/Alarm indicator on a
power module
2 Power indicator/Hot Swap button
on an interface module
3 Power indicator on a management
4 Speed indicator of the management
network port
5 Link/Active indicator of the
management network port
6 Speed indicator of a GE electrical port
7 Link/Active indicator of a GE
electrical port
8 Link/Speed indicator of a 10 Gbit/s
FCoE port
9 Link/Speed indicator of a
16 Gbit/s Fibre Channel port
10 Link/Speed indicator of an 8 Gbit/s
Fibre Channel port
11 Indicator of the mini SAS HD
expansion port

Indicators on the rear panel of a controller enclosure

Module No. Indicator Status and Description
1 Running/Alarm
indicator on a power
Steady green: The power supply is normal.
Blinking green: The power input is normal
but the device is powered off.
Steady red: The power module is faulty.
Off: No external power input is available.
2 Power indicator/
Hot Swap button on
an interface module
Steady green: The interface module is
working correctly.
Blinking green: The interface module
receives a hot swap request.
Steady red: The interface module is faulty.
Off: The interface module is powered off
or can be hot-swappable.
3 Power indicator on a
management module
Steady green: The module is working
Blinking green: The module receives a
hot swap request.
Steady red: The module is faulty.
Off: The module is powered off or
hot swappable.
4 Speed indicator of
the management
network port
Steady orange: Data is being transferred
at the highest rate.
Off: The data transfer speed is lower than
the highest speed.
5 Link/Active indicator
of the management
network port
Steady green: The port is connected
Blinking green: Data is being transferred.
Off: The port is connected abnormally.
Interface module 6 Speed indicator of
a GE electrical port
Steady orange: The data transfer rate
between the controller enclosure and the
application server is 1 Gbit/s.
Off: The data transfer rate between the
controller enclosure and the application
server is lower than 1 Gbit/s.
7 Link/Active indicator
of a GE electrical port
Steady green: The connection between the
controller enclosure and the application
server is correct.
Blinking green: Data is being transferred.
Off: The connection between the controller
enclosure and the application server is incorrect.
8 Link/Speed indicator
of a 10 Gbit/s FCoE
Steady blue: The data transfer rate between
the storage system and the application
server is 10 Gbit/s.
Blinking blue: Data is being transferred.
Steady red: The port is faulty.
Off: The link to the port is down.
9 Link/Speed indicator
of a 16 Gbit/s Fibre
Channel port
Steady blue: The data transfer rate between
the storage system and the application
server is 16 Gbit/s.
Blinking blue: Data is being transferred.
Steady green: The data transfer rate
between the storage system and the
application server is 4 Gbit/s or 8 Gbit/s.
Blinking green: Data is being transferred.
Steady red: The port is faulty.
Off: The link to the port is down.
10 Link/Speed indicator
of an 8 Gbit/s Fibre
Channel port
Steady blue: The data transfer rate is
8 Gbit/s.
Blinking blue: Data is being transferred.
Steady green: The data transfer rate is
2 Gbit/s or 4 Gbit/s.
Blinking green: Data is being transferred.
Steady red: The port is faulty.
Off: The link to the port is down.
11 Mini SAS HD
expansion port
Steady blue: Data is transferred to the
downstream disk enclosure at the rate
of 4 x 12 Gbit/s.
Blinking blue: Data is being transferred to
the downstream disk enclosure at the
rate of 4 x 12 Gbit/s.
Steady green: Data is transferred to the
downstream disk enclosure at the rate
of4 x 3 Gbit/s or 4 x 6 Gbit/s.
Blinking green: Data is being transferred to
the downstream disk enclosure at the rate
of 4 x 3 Gbit/s or 4 x 6 Gbit/s.
Steady red: The port is faulty.
Off: The link to the port is down.

OceanStor-6800-V3 (2)
Hong Telecom Equipment Service Ltd  can provide below accessories for OceanStor 6800 v3 equipment :
SAS600-15K-2-V3 02350ECY SAS600-15K-2-V3: 600GB 15K RPM SAS Hard Disk Unit (2.5 “)
NLSAS6T-7.2K-A 02350EDL NLSAS6T-7.2K-A: 6TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS hard disk unit (3.5 “)
NLSAS6T-7.2K-03 02350EEM NLSAS6T-7.2K-03: 6TB 7.2K RPM 4KN NL SAS hard disk unit (3.5 “), high-density frame dedicated
SAS1800-10K-2-2 02350GDA SAS1800-10K-2-2: 1.8TB 10K RPM SAS Hard Disk Unit (2.5 “)
6800V3-1024G-AC 02350GFF 6800V3-1024G-AC: 6800 V3 (6U, dual control, communication, 1024GB, SPE72C0600)
6800V3-512G-CTL 02350GFG 6800V3-512G-CTL: Control module (2 * Intel six core, 512GB cache)
SSDM-1.8T3S-A2 02350GMP SSDM-1.8T3S-A2: 1.8TB SSD SAS Hard Disk Unit (3.5 “)
SSDM-1.8T2S-A2 02350GMR SSDM-1.8T2S-A2: 1.8TB SSD SAS Hard Disk Unit (2.5 “)
STOSRDFORBCDK 02350HQP STOSRDFORBCDK: OceanStor ReplicationDirector Software Fundamentals
SSDM-400G2S-A1 02350LGX SSDM-400G2S-A1: 400GB SSD SAS Hard Disk Unit (2.5 “)
SSDM-400G3S-A1 02350LGY SSDM-400G3S-A1: 400GB SSD SAS Hard Disk Unit (3.5 “)
SSDM-600G2S-A1 02350LHE SSDM-600G2S-A1: 600GB SSD SAS Hard Disk Unit (2.5 “)
SSDM-600G3S-A1 02350LHF SSDM-600G3S-A1: 600GB SSD SAS Hard Disk Unit (3.5 “)
LIC-V3-BCManager 02350MQE LIC-V3-BCManager: OceanStor BCManager software
NLSAS-8T3S-A2 02350MQG NLSAS-8T3S-A2: 8TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS hard disk unit (3.5 “)
SAS2T-7.2K-V3 02358403 SAS2T-7.2K-V3: 2TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Hard Disk Unit (3.5 “)
NLSAS4T-7.2K-A 02358404 NLSAS4T-7.2K-A: 4TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS hard disk unit (3.5 “)
SAS300-10K-2-V3 02358406 SAS300-10K-2-V3: 300GB 10K RPM SAS Hard Disk Unit (2.5 “)
SAS600-10K-2-V3 02358407 SAS600-10K-2-V3: 600GB 10K RPM SAS Hard Disk Unit (2.5 “)
SAS900-10K-2-V3 02358408 SAS900-10K-2-V3: 900GB 10K RPM SAS Hard Disk Unit (2.5 “)
STLM0MODEM48 02359063 STLM0MODEM48: Modem (wireless GPRS, 48Kbps, wireless interface)
STLM0MODEM56 02359064 STLM0MODEM56: Modem (56Kbps, second-line – data / fax, external)
SAS3T-7.2K-V3 02359657 SAS3T-7.2K-V3: 3TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Hard Disk Unit (3.5 “)
NLSAS4T-7.2K-B 02359658 NLSAS4T-7.2K-B: 4TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS hard disk unit (3.5 “), dedicated to high-density frame

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