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Interface Card of Huawei ME60 MSCG Product

Product Overview

Huawei ME60 series Multiservice Control Gateway is perfect as service point of presence (SPOP) of IP/MPLS network, BRAS node of broadband service access, or core node of campus networks, by delivering industry-leading performance, monetization capabilities and excellent service evolution to boost customers’ service development.
As a service management and offering platform with high performance, the ME60 meets various requirements for service operation mechanisms. ME60 ensures smooth and reliable running of various services. Based on the solutions with ME60, customers are able to construct a future-oriented and intelligent broadband IP network, which can greatly reduces the TCO of the network.

Product Appearance


Product Characteristics

Leading Performance

The ME60 platform supports up to 240G subscriber access line card, and the industry’s largest capacity 160G CGN service board. ME60 has up to 256K concurrent subscribers per chassis, which provides flexibility to meet various requirements in ultra bandwidth era. In addition, the ME60 provides a unique BNG Pool solution using hot backup technology which ensures service always online.

Excellent Experience

The ME60 provides a powerful session setup rate, which is up to 300 subscribers per second on each single slot, and up to 1200 subscribers per second on each single chassis. NAT Session setup rate is up to 2M per second with CGN board, which delivers reliable non-stop services and excellent experience to subscribers.

Monetized Services

Value-added features improve customers’ experience of IPTV or OTT video service. Value-added services such as BoD and DAA cooperate with HQoS to create monetization opportunities.

Smooth Evolution and Investment Protection

The ME60 provides various joint interface types including COA, Diameter, COPS etc. The ME60 platform supports various port types ranging from 64Kbps to 100Gbps, which provides the most flexibility to meet different requirements. The traditional networks are able to be migrated to IP-based network by utilizing the existing old devices. The ME60 provides a convenient ALL-IP unified platform with evolutionary capability with various legacy ports.
ME60 supports abundant IPv6 access technologies and large capacity CGN solution, which solves the issue that lacks of IPv4 addresses, and provide comprehensive IPv4 to IPv6 smooth evolution solutions.

Sustained Lead of BNG Market

According to the third party report from OVUM, Huawei BRAS was awarded first market share, continuing to lead the BNG market. ME60 has been deployed in global leading campus, enterprise and operators such as Hubei University of Technology, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Vodafone Italy, Vodafone Germany, Jazztel Spain, Telefonica O2, Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Telecom Malaysia, Etisalat UAE, Philippine Globe, Russia Volga Telecom, etc.

Product Specifications


Ordering Information

ME60-X16 Basic Configuration

ME60-X8 Basic Configuration

ME60-X3 Basic Configuration

Line Card & Interface Card

  • 03053272, ME0DBSUF1010, Flexible Card Broadband Service Unit(BSUF-10,four slots)
  • 03053275, ME0MMSUF1010, Flexible Card Multi Service Unit(MSUF-10,four slots)
  • 03030LLV, ME0M00P1UF10, 1-Port OC-48c/STM-16c POS-SFP Flexible Card(BP10)
  • 03030LMA, ME0M00P8CF10, 8-Port OC-3c/STM-1c POS-SFP Flexible Card(BP10)
  • 03030LAS, ME0M00A2HF10, 2-Port OC-12c/STM-4c ATM-SFP Flexible Card(BP10)
  • 03030LLT, ME0M00A4CF10, 4-Port OC-3c/STM-1c ATM-SFP Flexible Card(BP10)
  • 03030LMC, ME0M004CT310, 4-Port Clear Channel E3/Channelized T3-SMB Flexible Card(BP10)
  • 03030LLK, ME0M00CFE110, 24-Port Channelized E1/T1-DB100 Flexible Card(BP10)
  • 03053271, ME0MBSUF2120, Flexible Card Broadband Service Unit(BSUF-21,2 sub-slots)
  • 03053229, ME0MMSUF2120, Flexible Card Multi Service Unit(MSUF-21,2 sub-slots)
  • 03030LLH, ME0M00E1XX20, 1-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP Flexible Card(BP20)
  • 03030HEE, ME0M0E1XXE20, 1-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP Flexible Card E(BP20-E)
  • 03030LLG, ME0M00EBGF20, 12-Port 100/1000Base-SFP Flexible Card(BP20)
  • 03030LLF, ME0M0EAGFE20, 12-Port 100/1000Base-SFP Flexible Card(BP20)
  • 03030LLX, ME0M00P1XX20, 1 port OC-192c/STM-64c POS-XFP Flexible Card(BP20)
  • 03053274, ME0D00SPUC10, Versatile Service Process Unit C
  • 0305G061, ME0DVSUI201A, Integrated Versatile Service Unit(VSUI-20-A)
  • 03053130, ME0MBSUF4020, Flexible Card Broadband Service Unit(BSUF-40,2 sub-slots)
  • 03053129, ME0MMSUF4020, Flexible Card Multi Service Unit(MSUF-40,2 sub-slots)
  • 03030LLY, ME0M0L2XXB20, 2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP Flexible Card(BP40)
  • 03030NFR, ME0D0L2XXE70, 2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP Flexible Card E(BP40-E)
  • 03030LLW, ME0M0EEGFB20, 20-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Flexible Card(BP40)
  • 03030NFT, ME0D0EEGFE70, 20-Port 1000Base-X-SFP Flexible Card E(BP40-E)
  • 03054629, ME0DBSUF5170, Flexible Card Broadband Service Unit(BSUF-51,2 sub-slots)
  • 03054700, ME0DMSUF5170, Flexible Card Multi Service Unit(MSUF-51,2 sub-slots)
  • 03030PYK, ME0D0L5XXB7F, 5-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Flexible Card(BP51,occupy 2 sub-slot)
  • 03030PYP, ME0D0L5XXE7F, 5-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Flexible Card E(BP51-E,occupy 2 sub-slot)
  • 03030PYM, ME0D0L2XXB7H, 2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Flexible Card(BP51)
  • 03030PYQ, ME0D0L2XXE7H, 2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Flexible Card E(BP51-E)
  • 03030PYJ, ME0D0EFGFB7H, 24-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Flexible Card(BP51)
  • 03030PYN, ME0D0EFGFE7H, 24-Port 1000Base-X-SFP Flexible Card E(BP51-E)
  • 03054632, ME0D0L5XXE70, 5-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Broadband Service Unit Integrated E (BSUI-51-E)
  • 03054630, ME0DL2XEFG7E, 2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP++24-Port100/1000Base-SFP Broadband Service Unit Integrated E(BSUI-51-E)
  • 03054635, ME0DBSUFA070, Flexible Card Broadband Service Unit(BSUF-100,2 sub-slots)
  • 03054637, ME0DMSUFA070, Flexible Card Multi Service Unit(MSUF-100,2 sub-slots)
  • 03030QDG, ME0D0L6XXB7H, 6-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Flexible Card(BP100)
  • 03030PYR, ME0D0L5XXB7H, 5-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Flexible Card(BP100)
  • 03030PYS, ME0D0L5XXE7H, 5-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Flexible Card E(BP100-E)
  • 03054636, ME0D0LAXXE70, 10-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Broadband Service Unit Integrated E(BSUI-100-E)
  • 03054496, ME0DVSUF8070, Flexible Card Versatile Service Unit 80(VSUF-80)
  • 03030QDH, ME0D0L1NXB7H, 1-Port 100GBase-CFP Flexible Card(BP100)

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