Interface Card of Huawei AR1200 Series Routers


Networking and applications


WAN access

AR1200 routers deployed at the edge of enterprise branches provide flexible access to remote network connections. They meet most access requirements, including leased line, Ethernet, xDSL, LTE, 3G service, and WLAN. This flexibility adds compelling value to customers by reducing deployment and maintenance costs. Router models with fixed 100M Ethernet interfaces support PoE and PoE+ and can provide power for Powered Devices (PDs) such as IP phones. Each PoE+ interface provides more than 30W of power to support high-power PDs.
AR routers support LTE which can increase the wireless speed greatly and improve the spectral efficiency. The end-to-end LTE QoS mechanism and the AR routers’ bandwidth monitoring and dynamic adjustment of QoS policy can guarantee high priority services.

High-quality voice service

The AR1200 can function as an IP PBX or SIP gateway for enterprise networks.

IP PBX application

To enhance corporate image and improve communication efficiency, all AR routers include a built-in PBX. This feature supports the enterprise main number, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and bill query functions. The AR1200 can also be located in a branch office to provide intelligent dialing.

SIP gateway application

The AR1200 integrates voice, fax, and IP services. For enterprise users, the AR1200 serves as the SIP access gateway for a branch office, transforming phone signals into VoIP signals. The AR1200 uplink interfaces connect to the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) or Next-Generation Network (NGN) to allow any media, including phones, handsets, and computers, to communicate at any time.

Wireless access and management in a branch office


3G/LTE wireless access application

The AR1200 complies with 3G/LTE function, 3G standards including CDMA2000 EVDO, and WCDMA, LTE supporting FDD LTE, meeting the requirements for wireless communication between enterprise branch offices and headquarters. AR1200 supports 3G and LTE interfaces cards. In addition, the 3G/LTE data link can be used to back up a wired link to protect the xDSL, FE/GE, and ISDN uplinks. The backup link improves network stability and reduces network construction costs. The Network Quality Analyzer (NQA) monitors 3G/LTE link quality, ensuring the network meets Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Wireless AC management application

The AR1200 router’s integrated Access Controller (AC), wireless controller, functionality can manage the Access Point (AP) in the wireless LAN. AR-supported rich certification and flexible user access control can provide a security access guarantee for Wi-Fi users. The rich wireless capabilities integrated in one device can realize centralized management of wired and wireless networks and meet the customer’s requirements for building different scale enterprise networks.

VPN in a branch office


VPN application

The AR1200 provides secure access for communication among enterprise branch offices and between headquarters, branch offices, and business partners. Tunnels between the headquarters and branch offices ensure secure data access and transmission. The AR1200 implements fast tunnel deployment and authentication so branch offices and partners can easily, quickly, and securely access and share enterprise resources.

How to configure the modular AR1200 router

Before choosing an AR1200, determine the device model, interface cards, and software configurations.

Chassis options

The device model is determined by the slot quantity, forwarding capacity, and service features that you require.

Service cards

The interface cards, including SIC cards and WSIC cards, are inserted into service card slots. Two SIC slots can be combined into one WSIC slot by removing the guide rail.


Basic and licensed software is available. The basic software provides basic functions, such as routing, switching, voice, and security. The licensed software provides additional functions such as AC.

Ordering information

Begin by ordering the chassis. Then, select interface modules, special licenses, and desired accessories (SD card or USB disk).

Chassis options

Power module options

SD card and USB disk options

SIC interface module options

  • 03020YNU,AR0MSDME1A00,1-port channelized E1/T1/PRI/VE1 multiflex trunk interface card
  • 03020YNT,AR0MSDE11A00,1-port fractional channelized E1/T1 WAN interface card
  • 03020YNR,AR0MSDME2A00,2-port channelized E1/T1/PRI/VE1 multiflex trunk interface card
  • 03020UDU,AR0MSDE12A00,2-port fractional channelized E1/T1 WAN interface card
  • 03020YNB,AR0MSDSA1A00,1-port sync/async serial port interface card
  • 03020SAY,AR0MSDSA2A00,2-port sync/async serial port interface card
  • 03020XTR,AR0MSEG1CA00,1-port GE combo WAN interface card
  • 03020XTQ,AR0MSEF2TA00,2-port FE WAN Interface Card
  • 02310DRN,AR0MSLS1XA00,1-Port 4 Pair G.SHDSL WAN Interface Module
  • 03020YKE,AR0MSDS1XA00,1-port ISDN S/T WAN interface card
  • 03020TJE,AR0MSOPP2A00,1-Port GPON/EPON Dual-mode interface card
  • 03021VCC,AR-4ES2G-S,4-port 1,000 BASE-RJ45 L2 Ethernet interface card (SIC)
  • 02310GAX,AR0MSLA1XA01,1-port ADSL2+ ANNEX A/M WAN interface module
  • 02310GBA,AR0MSLB1XA01,1-port ADSL2+ ANNEX B/J WAN interface module
  • 02310JVX,AR01SDGW1A,3G HSPA+7 interface module
  • 03021WYL,AR-1VE1-S,1-port VE1 interface card
  • 03020RMY,AR0MSVA4B1A0,4-Port FXS and 1-port FXO voice interface card
  • 03020XJU,AR01SVB4XA,4-port FXO voice interface card
  • 02310FVM,AR0MSVS2XA00,1-port ADSL2+ ANNEX A/M WAN interface module, supports wetting current (only for Vodafone)
  • AR-1LTE-L-S,WCDMA LTE interface card
  • AR-1LTE-LO-S,FDD/HSPA+ (700M) Interface Card

WSIC interface module options

  • AR01WAE14A,4-port E1 inverse multiplexing for ATM interface card
  • 03021RCS,AR01WDFE4A,4-port fractional E1 WAN interface card
  • 03021RCQ,AR01WDFE8A,8-port fractional E1 WAN interface card
  • 03021FXE,AR01WDCE8A,8-port channelized E1/PRI multiflex trunk interface card
  • 03021LXK,AR01WEG4SA,4-port 1,000 BASE-SFP-L3 Ethernet WAN interface card
  • 03021RSM,AR01WEG4SB,4-port 1,000 BASE-SFP-L2 Ethernet interface card
  • 03021LCU,AR01WEG4TA,4-port 1,000 BASE-RJ45-L3 Ethernet WAN interface card
  • 03020XBH,AR0MWDAS8A01,8-port async serial port interface card
  • 03020XTN,AR0MWMF9TT00,8-port 10/100 BASE (RJ45) and 1-port 10/100/1,000 BASE (RJ45)-L3 Ethernet switch interface card
  • 03021QSU,AR01WVADXA,16-port FXS voice interface card
  • 03021QFT,AR-1E3T3M-W,1-port channelized/unchannelized E3/T3 WAN interface card
  • 03021UJL,AR-9ES2-W,8-port 100M-RJ45 and 1-port 1,000M-RJ45 L2 Ethernet interface card
  • 03022CPM,AR-8SA-W,8-port sync/async serial WAN interface card
  • 03022CPN,AR-4GECS-W,4-port GE Combo WAN interface card (support syncE)
  • AR01WSX220B,Industrial computer, Celeron 847E, DDR3 4G, 2.5 in., 1 TB HDD, CFAST 4G, and NULL


  • LAR0DATAE02,AR1200 Value-Added Data Package
  • LAR0AC02,AR1200 AC Express License
  • LAR0VOICEE02,AR1200 Value-Added Voice Package
  • LAR0CMBEST01,AR CM & BEST License (5 telephones)
  • LAR0CMBEST02,AR CM & BEST License (25 telephones)
  • LAR0CMBEST03,AR CM & BEST License (100 telephones)
  • LAR0CT01,AR CT (Call Trunk) License (5 sessions)
  • LAR0CT02,AR CT (Call Trunk) License (25 sessions)
  • LAR0CT03,AR CT (Call Trunk) License (100 sessions)
  • LAR0IVR01,AR IVR (Interactive Voice Response) License (1 session)
  • LAR0IVR02,AR IVR (Interactive Voice Response) License (12 sessions)
  • LAR0SECE02,AR1200 Value-Added Security Package
  • LAR0DSVPN02,AR1200 DSVPN (Dynamic Smart VPN) Function
  • LAR0IPS02,AR1200 IPS Service Subscription (1-year)

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