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Optix OSN3500 optical interface board SSNISL64

OSN 3500 is a new-generation optical transmission system developed by Huawei. It adopts a unified switching architecture and can function as an MPLS/MPLS-TP-based packet device or a TDM device. When working with other devices of Huawei, OSN 3500 supports various networking modes, including the pure packet mode, hybrid networking (packet + TDM) mode, and pure TDM mode, achieving optimal processing for packet services and traditional SDH services. Thus, OSN 3500 efficiently transmits voice and data services over the same platform.
huawei OSN 3500
Optix OSN3500 can install below configurations SSN1SL64 optical interface board:
03037692 SSN1SL64(I-64.2,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(I-64.2,LC)
03030BME SSN1SL64(S-64.2b,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(S-64.2b,LC)
03030BNT SSN1SL64(Le-64.2,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(Le-64.2,LC)
03030CCS SSN1SL64(Ls-64.2,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(Ls-64.2,LC)
03030BDK SSN1SL64(L-64.2b,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(L-64.2b,LC)
03030BEP SSN1SL64(V-64.2b,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(V-64.2b,LC)
03070851 SSN1SL64-(40Km/LC/PIN)
03030BDK SSN1SL64 (10)_
SSN1SL64 10A1000128 (1)
The SL64 board is used to receive and transmit 1xSTM-64 optical signals and to process the overhead.

Function and
Basic function Transmits and receives 1xSTM-64 optical signals.
Specification of the
optical interface
Supports optical interfaces of the I-64.2, S-64.2b, L-64.2b, Le-64.2,
Ls-64.2 and V-64.2b (BA+PA+DCU) types. The optical interfaces of the
I-64.2, S-64.2b, L-64.2b, Ls-64.2 and V-64.2b types comply with ITU-T
G.691 and G.692 in features. The optical interface of the Le-64.2
type complies with the standards defined by Huawei.
Supports the output of standard wavelengths that comply with ITU-T
G.692. The V-64.2b optical interface can be directly connected to
the DWDM equipment.
Specification of the
optical module
Supports detection and query of the information on the optical module.
The optical interface supports the function of setting the on/off state
of the laser and the ALS function.
Service processing Supports VC-12, VC-3, and VC-4 services.
N1SL64 and N2SL64support VC-4-4c, Vc-4-16c and VC-4-64c
concatenation services.
N2SL64 supports the AU-3 services.
Overhead processing Supports the processing of the SOH bytes of the STM-64 signals.
Supports the transparent transmission and termination of the POH bytes.
Supports the setting and query of the J0/J1/C2 bytes.
The N3SL64 supports setting and query of the lower order overheads.
The N3SL64 supports setting and query of the TUG structure.
The N3SL64 supports downstream insertion of the LP-UNEQ alarm.
Supports one channel of ECC communication.
Alarm and
performance event
Provides rich alarms and performance events.
Specification of
the REG
Supports the setting and query of the REG working mode.
Protection schemes Supports the two-fiber unidirectional MSP protection ring, four-fiber
MSP protection ring, linear MSP protection ring, sub-network connection
protection (SNCP), sub-network connection tunnel protection (SNCTP),
and sub-network connection multi-protection (SNCMP).
Supports the optical-path-shared SNCP and MSP protection.
Processes two sets of K bytes. One SL64 board supports a
maximum of two MSP protection rings.
Maintenance feature Supports inloop and outloop for optical interfaces.
Supports warm reset and cold reset. The warm reset does not affect services.
Supports the function of querying the manufacturing information of the board.
Supports the in-service loading of the FPGA.
Supports the upgrade of the board software without affecting services.
The N2SL64 supports the TCM function.

03030BDK SSN1SL64

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