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Huawei Tecal RH2288H V2 server memory and hard disk option

RH2288H V2 [1] uses the latest Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 / E5-2600V2 series processors with up to 12 cores per core, 30M L3 cache, 8GT / sec QPI (QuickPath Interconnect), Smart Power Regulation, to achieve the perfect combination of performance, power consumption, support Hyper-Threading, Turbo acceleration technology;
Support 24 RDIMM memory, memory capacity of the largest 768GB, to meet a variety of memory-intensive applications;
Optional Huawei ES series PCIe SSD high-performance memory card, providing far more than the traditional hard disk I / O performance, to solve disk performance bottlenecks.
Low energy consumption
80PLUS ® platinum energy-efficient power supply module to meet the Energy Star standards, and through China’s energy-saving environmental protection product certification;
Can be selected on demand 460W, 800W and other power modules, improve energy efficiency;
The internal key parts of the temperature sensor, real-time monitoring of temperature in different regions of the situation, combined with intelligent fan speed control technology for accurate cooling, improve system cooling efficiency;
Dynamic power capping governs the power consumption of servers that are preconfigured to prevent excessive power consumption, and does not affect business operations.
Management convenience
Provide similar “black box” fault information record, you can quickly locate the cause of unexpected downtime, quickly resume business operations;
Independent BMC management module provides SOL, remote KVM, remote switching machine and other rich management functions, to achieve convenient and safe system management.
Storage configuration
Three 2.5 “SAS / SATA / SSD hard drives, 12 3.5” SAS / SATA + 2 2.5 “SAS / SATA / SSD hard drives or” 24 + 2 “hard drives are available in three storage configurations, “2.5-inch SAS / SATA / SSD hard drive three options available;
Support for industry-leading RAID technology, support RAID0,1,10,5,50,6,60, etc., to provide 512M / 1GB Cache, to support Cache battery protection and super capacitor protection, support for RAID state migration, RAID configuration memory and other functions, Diagnosis, WEB remote settings and other functions to protect data reliability.
RH2288H V2
Let’s see the optional memory and hard disk for huawei Tecal RH2288H V2 server:
S1010DXN memory:
02310MMG BC1M00DIMM00 : DDR3-4GB-1333MHz-1.35V-2Rank-channel specific
02310UFB BC1M3DIMM : DDR3-8GB-1600MHz-1.35V-2Rank-channel-specific
02310MMJ BC1M02DIMM00 : DDR3-16G-1333MHz-1.35V-2 Rank-channel-specific
02310UFC BC1M4DIMM : DDR3-16G-1600MHz-1.5V-2 Rank-channel-specific
S1010DXP hard disk :
02310LGY BC1MSRSCR811 : Universal Hard Disk – 1000GB-SATA-7200rpm-3.5 “-64M-Hot Swap – Internal – Handle
02310LHA BC1MSRSCR813 : Universal hard disk -2000GB-SATA-7200rpm-3.5 “-64M-hot swap – built-in – handle
02310MKT BC1MSRSCR814 : Universal Hard Disk – 3000GB-SATA-7200rpm-3.5 “-64M-Hot Swap-Built-In-Handle
02310RFP BC1HDD06 : General Purpose Hard Drives-4000GB-SATA 6Gb / s-7200rpm-3.5 inch-64 MB-Hot Swap-Built-in -3.5-Inch Handle
02310LAV BC1MSRSCR805 : Universal Hard Drive -300GB-SAS-15000rpm-3.5 “-16M-Hot Swap-Built-in-Handle
02310LAX BC1MSRSCR806 : General-purpose hard disk -600GB-SAS-15000rpm-3.5 “-16MB-hot swap – built-in – handle
02310SJQ BC1HDD24 : General-purpose hard disk -300GB-SAS-10000rpm-2.5 “-16M-hot swap – built-in -3.5-inch handle
02310QNS BC1HDD01 : General-purpose hard disk -600GB-SAS-10000rpm-2.5 inch-hot-swappable-built-in -3.5-inch handle
02310SJR BC1HDD25 : General-purpose hard disk – 900GB-SAS 6.0Gb / s-10000rpm-2.5 “-64MB and above – Hot Swap – Built-in -3.5-inch handle
02310SJS BC1HDD26 : General Purpose Hard Drives – 1000GB-NL SAS 6Gb / s-7200rpm-2.5 “-64M-Hot Swap-Built-in -3.5” Handle Bar
02310MKV BC1M0NLSAS00 : Universal Hard Disk – 1000GB-NL SAS-7200rpm-3.5 “-64M – Hot Swap – Internal – Handle
02310MKX BC1M0NLSAS01 : General Purpose Hard Drives – 2000GB-NL SAS-7200rpm-3.5 “-64M- Hot Swap – Internal – Handle
02310MLA BC1M0NLSAS02 : General-purpose hard disk – 3000GB-NL SAS-7200rpm-3.5 “-64M- Hot Swap – Internal – Handle
02310UGB BC1HDD36 : General-purpose hard disk -4000GB-NL-SAS 6Gb / s-7200rpm-3.5inch-64MB and above-Hot-Plug-built-in -3.5-inch handle
02310LBB BC1MSRSCR803 : Universal Hard Disk – 500GB-SATA-7200rpm-2.5 “-64M- Hot Swap – Built-In – Handle
02310LAY BC1MSRSCR804 : Universal Hard Disk – 1000GB-SATA-7200rpm-2.5 “-64M-Hot Swap-Built-In-Handle
02310MMV BC1MSRSCR821 : General-purpose hard disk-300GB-SAS 6Gb / s-15000rpm-2.5 “-64M-Hot Swap-Built-in-handle
02310KPR N0SASHD06 : Universal hard disk -300GB-SAS-10000rpm-2.5 “-16M-hot swap – built-in – handle
02310KPU N0SASHD07 : General-purpose hard disk -600GB-SAS 6.0Gb / s-10000rpm-2.5 “-16MB and above – Hot Swap – Built-in – handle
02310LYS BC1MSHDSAS03 : Universal Hard Drive – 900GB-SAS 6.0Gb / s-10000rpm-2.5 “-64MB and above – Hot Swap – Built-in – Handle
02310UGC BC1HDD37 : General Purpose Hard Drives -1200GB-SAS 6Gb / s-10000rpm-2.5inch-64MB-Hot Swap-Built-in -2.5-Inch Handle
02310MLB BC1M0NLSAS03 : General Purpose Hard Drives – 1000GB-NL SAS 6Gb / s-7200rpm-2.5 “-64M- Hot Swap – Internal – Handle
02310SEP BC1MIHBA : 2 hard disk built-in backplane, with cable
huawei 06200107 (5)
hard disk 06210133 (7)

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