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Huawei OSN 7500 Optical interface board

OSN 7500 is a new-generation optical transmission system developed by Huawei based on the current applications and development trend of MANs. It is an optical core switching (OCS) device applied to service scheduling nodes at the backbone layer of MANs to schedule and transmit services of different types and granularities.
huawei OSN 7500
OSN7500 optical interface board below:
03030ESD SSN1SLD64(I-64.1,LC) 2xSTM-64 optical interface board(I-64.1,LC)
03030GGW SSN1SLD64(S-64.2b,LC) 2xSTM-64 optical interface board(S-64.2b,LC)
03037692 SSN1SL64(I-64.2,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(I-64.2,LC)
03030BME SSN1SL64(S-64.2b,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(S-64.2b,LC)
03030BNT SSN1SL64(Le-64.2,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(Le-64.2,LC)
03030CCS SSN1SL64(Ls-64.2,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(Ls-64.2,LC)
03030BDK SSN1SL64(L-64.2b,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(L-64.2b,LC)
03030BEP SSN1SL64(V-64.2b,LC) STM-64 optical interface board(V-64.2b,LC)
03070851 SSN1SL64-(40Km/LC/PIN)
03052551 SSN1SLQ16(I-16,LC) 4*STM-16 optical interface board(I-16,LC)
03052552 SSN1SLQ16(S-16.1,LC) 4*STM-16 optical interface board(S-16.1,LC)
03052553 SSN1SLQ16(L-16.1,LC) 4*STM-16 optical interface board(L-16.1,LC)
03052554 SSN1SLQ16(L-16.2,LC) 4*STM-16 optical interface board(L-16.2,LC)
03052468 SSN1SLQ4A(I-4,LC) 4xSTM-4  optical interface board(I-4,LC)
03052469 SSN1SLQ4A(S-4.1,LC) 4xSTM-4  optical interface board(S-4.1,LC)
03052470 SSN1SLQ4A(L-4.1,LC) 4xSTM-4  optical interface board(L-4.1,LC)
03052471 SSN1SLQ4A(L-4.2,LC) 4xSTM-4  optical interface board(L-4.2,LC)
03052472 SSN1SLQ4A(Ve-4.2,LC) 4xSTM-4  optical interface board(Ve-4.2,LC)
03052458 SSN1SLD4A(I-4,LC) 2xSTM-4  optical interface board(I-4,LC)
03052459 SSN1SLD4A(S-4.1,LC) 2xSTM-4  optical interface board(S-4.1,LC)
03052460 SSN1SLD4A(L-4.1,LC) 2xSTM-4  optical interface board(L-4.1,LC)
03052461 SSN1SLD4A(L-4.2,LC) 2xSTM-4  optical interface board(L-4.2,LC)
03052462 SSN1SLD4A(Ve-4.2,LC) 2xSTM-4  optical interface board(Ve-4.2,LC)
03052448 SSN1SL4A(I-4,LC) STM-4  optical interface board(I-4,LC)
03052449 SSN1SL4A(S-4.1,LC) STM-4  optical interface board(S-4.1,LC)
03052450 SSN1SL4A(L-4.1,LC) STM-4  optical interface board(L-4.1,LC)
03052451 SSN1SL4A(L-4.2,LC) STM-4  optical interface board(L-4.2,LC)
03052452 SSN1SL4A(Ve-4.2,LC) STM-4  optical interface board(Ve-4.2,LC)
03052312 SSN1SLT1(S-1.1,LC) 12xSTM-1 optical interface board(S-1.1,LC)
03052681 SSN1SLQ1A(Ie-1,LC,MM) 4xSTM-1  optical interface board(Ie-1,LC,多模)
03052473 SSN1SLQ1A(I-1,LC) 4xSTM-1  optical interface board(I-1,LC)
03052474 SSN1SLQ1A(S-1.1,LC) 4xSTM-1  optical interface board(S-1.1,LC)
03052475 SSN1SLQ1A(L-1.1,LC) 4xSTM-1  optical interface board(L-1.1,LC)
03052476 SSN1SLQ1A(L-1.2,LC) 4xSTM-1  optical interface board(L-1.2,LC)
03052477 SSN1SLQ1A(Ve-1.2,LC) 4xSTM-1  optical interface board(Ve-1.2,LC)
03052453 SSN1SL1A(I-1,LC) STM-1  optical interface board(I-1,LC)
03052454 SSN1SL1A(S-1.1,LC) STM-1  optical interface board(S-1.1,LC)
03052455 SSN1SL1A(L-1.1,LC) STM-1  optical interface board(L-1.1,LC)
03052456 SSN1SL1A(L-1.2,LC) STM-1  optical interface board(L-1.2,LC)
03052457 SSN1SL1A(Ve-1.2,LC) STM-1  optical interface board(Ve-1.2,LC)
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Stock items picture for your reference:
03030BDK SSN1SL64
03030BDK SSN1SL64 (10)_
SSN1SL64 10A1000128 (1)

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