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CPU Option for huawei Tecal RH2288H V2

Huawei Tecal RH2288H V2 is Huawei’s next-generation 2U dual-rack server supporting two Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 / E5-2600V2 series processors. With the efficient design, the maximum configuration is 768GB of memory and high-capacity local storage. Optimal computing performance and scalability are ideal for mission-critical applications and cloud computing.
Tecal RH2288H V2 Configuration detail:

Model Number HUAWEI RH1288 V2
Processor Intel Xeon E5-2600/E5-2600 V2 series
Number of processors 1 or 2
Memory 24 DIMM sockets, support DDR3 RDIMM / LRDIMM memory,
maximum support 768GB
Internal storage Options:
8 x 2.5”  SAS / SATA / SSD
12  x 3.5”  SAS / SATA and 2 x 2.5” SAS / SATA / SSD
26  x 2.5”  SAS / SATA / SSD
RAID support RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, and 60
LOM network port 2 GE ports or 4 GE ports or 2 10GE Ethernet ports
Power supply 2 hot-swappable 460W / 800W AC power or 800W -48V
DC power supply, support 1 +1 redundancy

RH2288H V2
Hong Telecom Equipment Service Ltd provide below options for huawei Tecal RH2288H V2 server:
S1010BQK SandyBridge EP CPU :
02310MLR BC1M0EPCPU00 : X86 series-1.8GHz-80W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2603-4Core-with heatsink
02310MLS BC1M1EPCPU00 : X86 series-2.4GHz-80W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2609-4Core-with heatsink
02310MLT BC1M2EPCPU00 : X86 series-2.0GHz-95W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2620-6Core-with heatsink
02310MLU BC1M3EPCPU00 : X86 series-2.3GHz-95W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2630-6Core-with heatsink
02310MLV BC1M4EPCPU00 : X86 series-2.5GHz-95W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2640-6Core-with heatsink
02310QGV BC1M6EPCPU00 : X86 series-3.3GHz-130W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2643-4Core-with heatsink
02310MLW BC1M5EPCPU00 : X86 series-2.0GHz-95W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2650-8Core-with heatsink
02310QGX BC1M8EPCPU00 : X86 series-2.1GHz-95W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2658-8Core-with heatsink
02310QHA BC1M9EPCPU00 : X86 series-2.2GHz-95W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2660-8Core-with heatsink
02310QGY BC1M10EPCPU0 : X86 series-2.4GHz-115W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2665-8Core-with heatsink
02310QGW BC1M7EPCPU00 : X86 series-2.9GHz-130W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2667-6Core-with heatsink
02310QHC BC1M11EPCPU0 : X86 series-2.6GHz-115W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2670-8Core-with heatsink
02310QHD BC1M12EPCPU0 : X86 series-2.7GHz-130W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2680-8Core-with heatsink
02310QHE BC1M13EPCPU0 : X86 series-2.9GHz-135W-SandyBridge EP Xeon E5-2690-8Core-with heatsink
S1010FXS lvyBridge EP V2 CPU :
02310VHB BC1M20EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-1.8GHz-0.9V-64bit-80W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2603 V2-4Core-with radiator-IT server dedicated
02310VHA BC1M19EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-2.5GHz-0.9V-64bit-80W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2609 V2-4Core-with heatsink-IT server dedicated
02310VSE BC1M48EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-3.5GHz-0.9V-64bit-130W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2637 V2-4Core-with heatsink-IT server dedicated
02310VGY BC1M18EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-2.1GHz-0.9V-64bit-80W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2620 V2-6Core-with radiator-IT server dedicated
02310VGW BC1M17EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-2.6GHz-0.9V-64bit-80W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2630 V2-6Core-with radiator-IT server dedicated
02310VGX BC1M16EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-3.5GHz-0.9V-64bit-130W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2643 V2-6Core-with heatsink-IT server dedicated
02310VGT BC1M15EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-2GHz-0.9V-64bit-95W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2640 V2-8Core-with heatsink-IT server dedicated
02310VGS BC1M14EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-2.6GHz-0.9V-64bit-95W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2650 V2-8Core-With the radiator-IT server dedicated
02310VSD BC1M47EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-1.7GHz-0.9V-64bit-70W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2650L V2-8Core-with heatsink-IT server dedicated
02310VSC BC1M46EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-3.3GHz-0.9V-64bit-130W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2667 V2-8Core-with radiator-IT server dedicated
02310VRY BC1M43EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-2.2GHz-0.9V-64bit-95W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2660 V2-10Core with a heat sink-IT server dedicated
02311BPN BC1M62EPCPU : X86 series-2.4GHz-95W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2658 V2-10Core-with heat sink-IT server dedicated
02310WBV BC1M59EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-2.5GHz-0.9V-64bit-115W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2670 V2-10Core-with radiator-IT server dedicated
02310VSF BC1M49EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-2.8GHz-0.9V-64bit-115W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2680 V2-10Core-with radiator-IT server dedicated
02310WBT BC1M57EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-3.0GHz-0.9V-64bit-130W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2690 V2-10Core-with heat sink-IT server dedicated
02310VSB BC1M45EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-2.4GHz-0.9V-64bit-115W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2695 V2-12Core-with radiator-IT server dedicated
02310VSA BC1M44EPCPU : X86 series-FCLGA2011-2.7GHz-0.9V-64bit-130W-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2697 V2-12Core-with heatsink-IT server dedicated

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