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Huawei S9300 Quidway Switches

Product Overview

Quidway® S9300 switches (S9300 for short) are next-generation high-end terabit routing switches developed by Huawei designed for multiservice convergence. The S9300 is designed based on Huawei’s intelligent multilayer switching technology to provide high-definition video services, large-capacity wireless networks, elastic cloud computing, IPv6-capable hardware, and integrated security in addition to stable, reliable, and secure high performance L2/L3 switching services. The S9300 is a highly extensible and reliable platform integrating switching and routing functions to facilitate end-to-end integrated networks, and is widely used in WANs, MANs, campus networks, and data centers to help enterprises build application-oriented networks.



★  1. Agile Switch, Enabling Networks to Be More Agile for Services
★  2. Innovative CSS Technology
★  3. Carrier-Class Reliability
★  4. Powerful Service Processing Capabilities
★  5. Various Network Traffic Analysis Functions
★  6. Comprehensive Security Measures
★  7. Comprehensive IPv6 Solution
★  8. Innovative Energy Saving Design

Product List

Basic Configuration

03020KQR,LE0MSRUA,S9306/S9312 Main Control Unit A
03020RVG,LE0DSRUA,S9306/S9312 Main Control Unit A(Optional Clock)
03020MMJ,LE0D00SRUB00,S9306/S9312 Main Control Unit B(Optional Clock)
03031FXR,LE2D2SRUC000,S9306E/S9312E,Main Control Unit C(Optional Clock)
03030RBV,LH2D2SRUDC00,S9306E/S9312E,Main Control Unit D(Optional Clock)
03021QUK,LE2D2SRUDC01,S9306E/S9312E,Main Control Unit D,Clock,FCC
03020NWR,LE0MMCUA,S9303 Main Control Unit A
03020PFX,LE0DMCUA,S9303 Main Control Unit A(Optional Clock)
03030RBU,LH2D2MCUA000,S9303E Main Control Unit A(Optional Clock)
03020NTU,LE0MFSUA,Enhanced Flexible Service Unit
03020PPT,LE0D00CKMA00,N66E AC Assembly Rack (Four 16A Outputs, maximum 2500W per output,
03020RCJ,LE0D0VSTSA00,Cluster Switching System Service Unit
03022YVS,LE2D2VS08000,8-Port 10G Cluster Switching System Service Unit (SFP+)
02113087,LE0BN66EDC,N66E DC Assembly Rack(Four 40A outputs,maximum 1600W per output,600X600X2200mm)
02113088,LE0BN66EAC,N66E AC Assembly Rack(Eight 10A Outputs ,maximum 1600W per output,600X600X2200mm)
S4016351,LE0ZB03DCS,Huawei S9303 DC Basic Configuration
S4016352,LE0ZB03ACS,Huawei S9303 AC Basic Configuration
S4016353,LE0ZB06DCS,Huawei S9306 DC Basic Configuration
S4016354,LE0ZB06ACS,Huawei S9306 AC Basic Configuration
S4016355,LE0ZB12DCS,Huawei S9312 DC Basic Configuration
S4016356,LE0ZB12ACS,Huawei S9312 AC Basic Configuration
02113089,LE0KS9303,S9303 Assembly Chassis
02113090,LE0KS9306,S9306 Assembly Chassis
02113091,LE0KS9312,S9312 Assembly Chassis
02113196,LE0BS9306P1,Huawei S9306 Quidway POE Assembly Chassis
02113198,LE0BS9312P1,Huawei S9312 Quidway POE Assembly Chassis
02120554,LE0M00FBXB00,Wide Voltage 68 Fan Box
03020LCU,LE0DCMUA0000,Centralized Monitoring Board

Interface Card & Power Module & Software

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