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HUAWEI S0010290 OptiX 10 g (V2) (Metro5000) Basic configurations

The Metro5000 (OptiX 10G) optical transmission equipment consists of racks, subracks, expansion subracks and several optional plug-in boards and associated accessories that can be flexibly configured as a terminating multiplexer (TM), add-drop multiplexer (ADM) , And a regenerative repeater (REG). Metro5000 (OptiX 10G) optical transmission equipment can be STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 and STM-64 between the various levels of online upgrades.
The Metro5000 (OptiX 10G) is a high-speed, high-capacity SDH optical transmission equipment that provides STM-64 optical synchronous transmission capability. It uses the MADM architecture and is the mainstream equipment for today’s and future trunk and metropolitan area networks.
Metro5000 Basic configurations:
02112973 SSABNRACK01 N66T assembled cabinet (2200 x600x600mm)
02112975 SSABNRACK02 N66T assembled cabinet (2200 x600x600mm)
02112979 SSABNRACK03 N66T assembled cabinet (2200 x600x600mm)
02112980 SSABNRACK04 N66T assembled cabinet (2000 x600x600mm)
02112981 SSABNRACK05 N66T assembled cabinet (2000 x600x600mm)
21070322 SSTB0FRAME02 heightening coaming (400).
03036508 SSA1AMXS01 hybrid cross connection and clock processing board (120 g + 5 g cross capacity)
03037940 SSA1EMXS01 enhanced hybrid cross connection and clock plate (20 g 120 g + cross capacity)
03036186 SSA1ETXC01 enhanced low cross connection plate
03032798 SSA1ASCC01 master plate
03032879 SSA1ACOM01 communication board
03032790 SSA1AEOW01 public board
03032808 SSA1ASTI01 timing interface board
03034051 SSA2APIU01 power supply and fan interface board
Other boards , like optical interface board SSA-SD16A02 2XSTM -16 for reference:
03036552 SSA-SD16A02 (1)03036552 SSA-SD16A02 (5)03036552 SSA-SD16A02 (4)
The Metro5000 (OptiX 10G) provides a wide range of service access types:
1. Directly add and drop various lower-level SDH signals from 10Gbit / s (STM-64) high-level SDH signals.
2. Provide 2Mbit / s PDH service access function to realize the flexible cross-provisioning capability between lines and lines, lines and tributaries, and between branches and tributaries.
3. Provide 100M (FE) / 1000M (GE) transparent transmission of Ethernet services and Layer 2 switching.
4. Provide aggregation of GE-to-GE or GE-to-FE services. Through the service convergence and Layer 2 switching technology, the entire transmission bandwidth sharing.
5. Provide VC-4-4c, VC-4-8c, VC-4-16c, VC-4-64c cascade cross function and VC-3, VC-12 low-level service scheduling.

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