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Tecal BH620 V2 Server Blade components

The BH620 V2 is a server blade based on Intel new-generation processor platform Romley. It features excellent computing capability and flexible scalability. The BH620 V2 is installed in the Tecal E6000 server shelf (shelf for short) and is managed by the management module (MM) in a centralized manner.
huawei BH620 V2 (1)
positions of connectors and components on the BH620 V2 main board:

1 IO expansion port 2 CPU2
3 Positioning pin 4 IO expansion port
5 Backplane connector 6 Backplane connector
7 CPU1 8 Positioning pin
9 Power supply connector 10 Power supply connector
11 Slot DIMM021[1C2] 12 Slot DIMM020[1C1]
13 Slot DIMM011[1B2] 14 Slot DIMM010[1B1]
15 Slot DIMM001[1A2] 16 Slot DIMM000[1A1]
17 RAID controller card connector 18 TPM connector
19 High-density port 20 USB port
21 Flash card connector 22 Slot DIMM100[2A1]
23 Slot DIMM101[2A2] 24 Slot DIMM110[2B1]
25 Slot DIMM111[2B2] 26 Slot DIMM120[2C1]
27 Slot DIMM121[2C2]

huawei BH620 V2 (5)
After looking the huawei  BH620 V2 main board , let learn the Blade server BH620 V2 specifications as below :

Item Specifications
Operating temperature 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F)
Storage temperature -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
Temperature change rate 15°C/h (27°F/h)
Operating humidity 8%-85% RH
Storage humidity 5%-95% RH
Altitude ≤ 3000 m (9842.40 ft)
Input voltage 12 V DC
Maximum power consumption 300 W
Mean Time Between Failures 127020 h
Mean Time To Repair 246s
Dimensions (H x W x D) 41.8 mm x 310 mm x 496 mm (1.65 in. x 12.20 in. x 19.53 in.)
Weight 4.2 kg

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