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Installing the BH620 V2 huawei blade server

The BH620 V2 is installed in the Tecal E6000 server shelf (shelf for short) and is managed by the management module (MM) in a centralized manner.
BH620 V2 E6000E6000
How to install the BH620 V2.
Operation Scenarios
1) An empty shelf is installed.
2) An additional BH620 V2 is required.
3) A BH620 V2 needs to be replaced.
4) A BH620 V2 has been repaired and needs to be installed back in the shelf.
1) The following tasks are complete:
* The shelf is installed.
* The BH620 V2 to be installed is ready and placed near the shelf.
1) The following tools are ready:
*Electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist strap or ESD gloves
Step 1 :Wear an ESD wrist strap. For details, see 1.3.2 Wearing an ESD Wrist Strap.
Step 2 :Take the BH620 V2 out of the ESD bag.
Step 3 :Hold the BH620 V2 with the side marked with TOP facing upwards. Then, insert the BH620V2 gently along the guide rails into the shelf until the positioning pins on the BH620 V2 snap
into the positioning holes on the backplane in the shelf. See step (1) in Figure 4-4.
Step 4 :Ensure that the lower side of the ejector lever is fastened to the beam. Lower the ejector leveruntil the upper side locks into the spring. See step (2) in Figure 4-4.
Installing the BH620 V2
huawei BH620 V2 (5).png
huawei BH620 V2 (2)
Hong Telecom Equipment service LTD will show you video of How to install the BH620 V2 on the  Huawei blade server E6000.

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