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FusionServer H1288 V3 Internal Cabling with 4*3.5inch Hard Disks

HUAWEI RH1288 V3 Rack Server Hard disk configurations:
*  8 x 2.5-inch SAS/SATA HDDs or SSDs (4 NVMe SSDs supported by the NVMe model)
*  4 x 3.5-inch SAS/SATA HDDs
We would like to have a look H1288 V3 Internal Cabling for a Server with Four 3.5-inch Hard Disks :
1) RAID controller card on the mainboard (configuration with four 3.5-inch hard disks)

No. Description BOM Number
1 Signal cable for connecting the video graphics array (VGA)
device to the mainboard (J1023)
2 Signal cable for connecting the indicator plate to the mainboard
3 Signal cable for connecting a USB device to the mainboard (J42) 04051071
4 SAS cable for connecting the hard disk backplane (J5/J4/J3/J2) to
Port A of the RAID controller card on the mainboard
(LSI SAS3008/3108)
(LSI SAS2308/2208)
5 Signal cable for connecting the hard disk backplane (J1) to
the mainboard (J1019)
6 Power cable for connecting the hard disk backplane (J24) to
the power adapter board (J1)
7 Power cable for connecting the power adapter board (J2) to
the mainboard (J1015)
8 Signal cable for connecting the power adapter board (J5) to
the mainboard (J1018)

2)Hard disk controller card integrated into the PCH chip (configuration with four 3.5-inch hard disks)

No. Description BOM Number
1 Signal cable for connecting the video graphics array (VGA)
device to the mainboard (J1023)
2 Signal cable for connecting the indicator plate to the
mainboard (J1017 BUTTON LED)
3 Signal cable for connecting a USB device to
the mainboard (J42)
4 SAS cable for connecting the hard disk backplane
(J5/J4/J3/J2) to Port A (J1001) of the hard disk
controller card integrated into the PCH chip
5 Signal cable for connecting the hard disk backplane (J1) to the mainboard (J1019) 04051036-001
6 Power cable for connecting the hard disk backplane (J24)
to the power adapter board (J1)
7 Power cable for connecting the power adapter board (J2)
to the mainboard (J1015)
8 Signal cable for connecting the power adapter board (J5)
to the mainboard (J1018)

HUAWEI RH1288 V3 (2)
Below Memory and PCIE card can used on FusionServer RH1288 V3 , Hong Telecom Equipment can help to reserve these accessories .
02310MMG BC1M00DIMM00 : DDR3-4GB-1333MHz-1.35V-2Rank-channel specific
02310MMH BC1M01DIMM00 : DDR3-8GB-1333MHz-1.35V-2Rank-channel-specific
02310UFB BC1M3DIMM : DDR3-8GB-1600MHz-1.35V-2Rank-channel-specific
02310MMJ BC1M02DIMM00 : DDR3-16G-1333MHz-1.35V-2 Rank-channel-specific
02310UFC BC1M4DIMM : DDR3-16G-1600MHz-1.5V-2 Rank-channel-specific
06310025 NRJPCIE00 : NIC-GIGABIT-RJ45 Copper-4 port-PCIE 2.0 X4-8086-150E-4 with driver-all-half-height and half-length
06310023 N00PCIE00 : NIC-GIGABIT-10/100 / 1000M-2 ports-PCIE 2.0 X4-8086-10C9-2-with driver-all-half-height and half-length
06310042 NNLC1G400 : Card -Gigabit-LC Fiber Optic-4 Port-PCIE 1.0 X4-8086-105f-4 with Driver
06030217 ND8GOLC01 : Other Boards – PC Accessories – PCIe 1.0 X8-10DF-F100-2-8Gbps Dual Channel – Fiber Channel Multimode LC Optical Interface – Datasheet
06030216 ND8GOLC02 : Other Boards – Computer Accessories – PCI 1.0 X8-10DF-F100-1-8Gbps Single Channel, Fiber Channel Multimode LC Optical Interface – English
06030221 NS8GOLC00 : Other Board – Computer Accessories – PCIE 2.0 X4-1077-2532-1-8Gbps Single Channel, Fiber Channel Multimode LC Optical Interface – English
06030220 ND8GOLC00 : Dual-Channel, Fiber Channel Multimode LC Optical Interface – DUALPORT FC HBA Card-PCIE 2.0 X4-1077-2532-2-8Gbps
03030PWD CN21ITGAA000 : SP310 (Intel 82599 2 * 10GE SFP + half high and half long X8 PCIE standard network card)
02310MPR CN210ITGAA02 : HUAWEI card, dual-port, 10GE SFP + (without Optics / DAC), PCIE 2.0×8, half height
02310SWV BC1MFGEA : 4 * GE Interface Card, PCIE 1.0 X4
02310SWW BC1MFXEB : 2X10GE network card (matte module) -PCIE 2.0 X8
02310SWS BC3M00SFP : Optical transceiver module, SFP +, 850nm, 10Gb / s, -7.3dBm – 1dBm, -9.9dBm, LC, MM, 0.3km
HUAWEI RH1288 V3 (4)

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