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Huawei OceanStor S2600T&S5500T&S5600T&S5800T&S6800T Product Introduction
OceanStor S2600T, S5500T, S5600T, S5800T, and S6800T (T series for short) are mid-range and high-end storage products newly developed by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd (Huawei for short). This series is ideal for processing existing storage applications and follows the future development trend of storage technologies. It meets medium- and large-sized enterprises’ storage requirements for mass data storage, speed data access, high availability, high utilization, energy saving, and ease-of-use.
The development of society and information technologies leads to an accumulated amount of service data. Those data poses increasingly high demands on storage systems. However, legacy storage systems are incapable of handling this fast data growth and are facing the following problems:

  • Storage performance is insufficient for applications.
  • Maintenance and capacity expansion operations cause unexpected system downtime.
  • Incapability in distinguishing hot data and cold data results in huge resource waste.
  • Storage system operation and maintenance (O&M) costs account for a high percentage in the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The T series delivers an effective solution to the previous problems.

Combining file storage, block storage, and converged storage protocols, the T series features industry-leading performance and multiple efficiency-boosting technologies. Offering comprehensive high-performance solutions that maximize customer ROI, the T series applies to Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)/Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) databases, high performance computing (HPC), digital media, Internet-based operating, central storage, backup, disaster recovery, and data migration.

Hardware Configuration
Huawei OceanStor
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 Huawei OceanStor S5500T is mid-range storage
LIC-S3A-SNAP 8170G0B4 8170G0B4 LIC-S3A-SNAP: HyperImage Snapshot feature
LIC-S3A-COPY 8170G0B9 8170G0B9 LIC-S3A-COPY: HyperCopy HyperCopy function
LIC-S3A-SRRP 8170G0BA 8170G0BA LIC-S3A-SRRP: HyperMirror / S Synchronous remote replication
LIC-S3A-ARRP 8170G0BB 8170G0BB LIC-S3A-ARRP: HyperMirror / A Asynchronous remote replication
LIC-S3A-SC 8170G0BC 8170G0BC LIC-S3A-SC: SmartCache
LIC-S3A-CLONE 8170G0CN 8170G0CN LIC-S3A-CLONE: HyperClone split mirror function
LIC-S3A-TP 8170G0CP 8170G0CP LIC-S3A-TP: HyperThin Thin provisioning
SAS1200-10K-2-3 02350CGY 02350CGY SAS1200-10K-2-3: 1.2TB 10K RPM SAS Hard Disk Unit (2.5 “)
SWITCH-PCIE 02359217 02359217 SWITCH-PCIE: PCIe switch (AC, 2G cache, 16 ports, SWE1603P05)
SWITCH-GE 02359224 02359224 SWITCH-GE: GE switch (24 * Ethernet port, AC)
S55T-PCIE-BOARD 03056121 03056121 S55T-PCIE-BOARD: 5G PCIE interface board (with dual NT ports)
LIC-S5500T-PART 88032EXY 88032EXY LIC-S5500T-PART: Intelligent cache partition
S55-LUN-MIGR-LC 88032KFY 88032KFY S55-LUN-MIGR-LC: S5500T Smart LUN Migration Software Suite Basic License
S55-TENANCY-LC 88032KGA 88032KGA S55-TENANCY-LC: S5500T Smart Multi-Tenant Software Suite Basic License
S55-EX-DEV-LC 88032KGB 88032KGB S55-EX-DEV-LC: S5500T Smart Heterogeneous Virtualization Software Suite Basic License
S55-LUN-DEST-LC 88032KGC 88032KGC S55-LUN-DEST-LC: S5500T Smart LUN Destruction Software Suite Basic License
S55-LUN-MIR-LIC 88032QAJ 88032QAJ S55-LUN-MIR-LIC: Volume mirroring license
S55-SCACHE-LC 88032UDN 88032UDN S55-SCACHE-LC: Smart cache usage license
LIC-S5500T-SNAP-1 8803G0KT 8803G0KT LIC-S5500T-SNAP-1: Snapshot functionality
LIC-S5500T-COPY-1 8803G0KU 8803G0KU LIC-S5500T-COPY-1: LUN copy function
LIC-S5500T-CLONE-1 8803G0KV 8803G0KV LIC-S5500T-CLONE-1: Cloning capabilities
LIC-S5500T-REP-1 8803G0KW 8803G0KW LIC-S5500T-REP-1: Remote replication
LIC-S5500T-THIN-1 8803G0L0 8803G0L0 LIC-S5500T-THIN-1: Smart thin provisioning
LIC-S5500T-TIER-1 8803G0L2 8803G0L2 LIC-S5500T-TIER-1: Intelligent data classification
LIC-S5500T-MOTION-1 8803G0L3 8803G0L3 LIC-S5500T-MOTION-1: Intelligent data quickly shift
LIC-S5500T-QOS-1 8803G0L4 8803G0L4 LIC-S5500T-QOS-1: Intelligent Service Quality Control

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